James Lindeen- 4 months

I had my first little photoshoot this past Sunday. I went over to my friends Heather & Aaron's house and photographed their 4 month old baby boy, James. I wanted to test out my new lens and Heather was gracious enough to let me jack with her baby for an hour.

This is James.

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I had brought over these cool stickers for him but his mama had already purchased the "Sticky Bellies". They're really neat stickers where you can put them on the baby to document each month during their 1st year.
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Here is James playing with his mama. So sweet
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Sunday was a great day to try out the new equipment. I loved his little hands but I really couldn't get as close as I wanted to with that lens. I think that I will probably be purchasing a macro lens sooner than later (once I convince my husband that its worth the investment).
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I stole this "tie" idea from a picture I saw on flikr. Mine really didn't come out quite the same but it was worth trying.
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We got James doing a little tummy time. Both Heather & I really like this one. However, it may have been a little too much movement for him because he kept spitting up. Sorry buddy!
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Here are the Lindeen boys!
From James_4mo

And here is the entire Lindeen family!
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Thanks guys for letting me come over & practice. I definitely need all the practice I can get!


p.s. Todd got to hold James a bit. When I asked Todd how it felt to hold a baby in his arms, this was the response I got.
From James_4mo

God help us if we ever have kids!

Kim  – (March 24, 2011 at 8:45 PM)  

Girl, your comments always have me crackin' up. So hilarious! The pics are great, but your humor is the best!!! ;) Love ya!

Kelsey  – (March 29, 2011 at 10:16 PM)  

I see a lot of Aaron in him:) What a cutie and so glad I got to see him for a few minutes on Saturday. Great pics Candice.

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