We got our crib!!!

We got our crib this past weekend which was a complete miracle from JC himself! I called last Monday because it had been 4 weeks since we ordered it and the guy said that it would take a another week to get it in the store & then another week to deliver it. I wanted the nursery all set up before all our visitors in April so I was stressing a bit. So I just prayed about it the next morning and boom- they called 5 days later & it was here. Praise you Lord!

I've been waiting for this crib to get in my house for 4 MONTHS! I started doing crib research in December. I got a little obsessed with Baby Bargains book & we got sucked into buying a good quality A rated crib. This thing is made by Munire. We call it Manure around the Craig household. Seems funny that we paid all this money & our baby is sleeping in a crib that sounds like cow crap. Guess you can take a girl out of TX but you can't take the country out of her no matter where she's at.

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I was so excited to see this thing arrive. It literally was like I was 7 years old again waiting for Santa to arrive. Can you tell I was excited?
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It rained off & on Saturday and of course it started pouring when the guys drove up which made me a little nervous. Luckily it was nice & protected.
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Like any good wife, I demanded that my husband assemble the crib NOW!
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Luckily Mel was on hand to help as well.
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And now it's all set up & ready to go.
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Love it & love the dresser as well.
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Still seems crazy to me that a little baby is going to be sleeping in that crib, living in our house and invading our lives. Not sure if I'll be ready by the time she gets here but her nursery sure will be. Can't wait to show you pictures of the final project in April!
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One excited mama


Week 24

I'm 24 weeks pregnant. 6 months. Can you believe it? This baby will be here in no time!

Mel was over again for pictures in front of the board. I especially like this week's board because it relates to agriculture. The baby is the size of an ear of corn. Love it!

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Somebody else wanted in on the photo session. I think his belly may be bigger than mine. Guess it's a good thing he's going on his annual lemonade diet next week.
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How far long? 24 weeks (6 months)
Total weight gain? Apparently I was a bit off in the last baby bump post. I thought I had only gained 8 lbs but according to my doctor, it's more like 12. So the total 2 weeks later, is 14 lbs
Maternity Clothes? Yep and not looking back.
Sleep? Same as last week. Although I did wake up twice in the middle of the night because of a charlie horse (will explain that later).
Best moment of the week? Going to the chiropractor (will explain later)
Miss Anything? My sanity (oh wait, did I ever have that?)
Movement? This chick is a gymnist or will be in karoate. She moves & kicks me all day long.
Food Cravings? Not really. Don't like the taste of coke anymore so I'm drinking sweet tea. I've convinced myself that it has less caffeine than soda. So between sweet tea & lemonade, I'm starting to wing myself off all coke products.
Anything making you quesy or sick? Nope
Gender? Fighting ninja
Labor Signs? Nope
Symptoms? I love this part of the post. Seems like every month is some new adventure. New in the past 2 weeks: Leg Cramps & Back pain. I woke up TWICE last week in the middle of the night screaming from a Charlie Horse. Woke Todd up from a dead sleep & he told me to pinch my lip. I thought he was telling me to shut up so I rudely told him to pinch his own lip with all of my Texas sas. Guess if you pinch your lip, it will take away from the pain in your legs. Oops. I think that's the same night that my husband stopped calling me "Love" and now calls me "Grumpalina". I talked to my mother-in-law about my leg cramps & she told me to drink dill pickle juice. I thought that sounded crazy but it actually worked. Between that & a banana a day, I haven't had leg cramps again. Back pain: Oh this is fun. So I had extreme back pain Monday of this week. It hurt so bad that I could no longer sit at work by 2pm. So I called the chiropractor & they got me in that afternoon. Did some adjustments on Monday & Wednesday and I feel SO MUCH BETTER. The chiro said my back is out of wack & showed me how every nerve from your back ends up in your yahoo area. Guess that explains why downstairs hurts so much. After this week at his office, I think I may continue to go once a week for the rest of the pregnancy. I'm feeling so good that I'm wabbling a little less! Praise Jesus for Dr. John Smith on Captival Blvd! (that sounds sketchy but I promise it's legit!)
Wedding rings on or off? Still off.
Happy or Moody? Definitely moody. Picked up the nickname 'Grumpalina' this week & broke out into a serious crying session while talking about how I can't have a beer or glass or wine.
Looking forward to? Getting the nursery ready. We got our crib yesterday (post coming soon about that). I can't wait to get all the crafts done & everything. She'll definitely have the cutest room in the whole house.

Til next time,


Name Reveal

Most folks know this but nothing these days is official until it's either on Facebook or on my blog. We have a name for our baby girl: Paisley Lynn Craig.

I'd like to tell you how we can up with that name but you have to promise that you won't tell my husband I told you the REAL story. He never reads my blog so I will know if you blabbed.

First name: I have always wanted to name a baby girl Paisley. Anybody who knows me, knows that I freakin love Brad Paisley. He is my favorite musical artist and I NEVER miss a Brad concert. I told Todd of the 2 names that I had for a boy & girl and he asked if he could have a say so. I politely told him NO but he didn't like that answer. Since I have a 2nd cousin named Paisley it was still up in the air if we would/should use that name. I found it ironic that I went to the Brad Paisley concert in September and Brad touched my hand not once but TWICE and then the next month I was pregnant! Maybe it was his special touch that helped the process or maybe not but I just knew that if it was a girl I absolutely HAD to name her Paisley but Todd wasn't sold. He didn't and still doesn't want people to know that we named our little girl after my favorite country artist. He thinks that's silly. I think it's genius. I told him that LOTS of people name their children after artist/actors that they like. My mom named me after her favorite actress at the time, Candice Bergen. But he still wasn't sold. Fast forward to our 18 week appointment and we find out we're having a girl. The technician doing the ultrasound asked if we have a girls named picked out. We tell her Paisley. Then you should have seen the look on her face- her 3 year old granddaughter's name is Paisley! She went on & on about how she hadn't heard that name before granddaughter & she went on & on about how much she loved her grand baby Paisley! For me, that was enough. Confirmation. Sold. So we walked out of the appointment, I looked at Todd and said "What ya think?". And he said "I prayed that God would give you the desire of your heart this morning (which was to have a little girl) so you might as well name her the desire of your heart as well". And that folks is how we got Paisley!

Middle name: One thing Todd was adamant about was the middle name. He wanted the baby to have some sort of family name. We looked at his family and both of his parents have grandchildren named after them. So they were covered. We then looked at my side of the family. My two grandmother's had nothing to offer: Verna Jean & Lula Mae. My poor mama had nothing to offer either: Therese Neri. So we had to look elsewhere and where better to look than Daddy Rodney Lynn. My sweet, angel like stepfather who literally is saint like for putting up for me during my teenage years. If she's anything like her "Pops" she will be sweet, patient, loving. She will have a gentle, calm spirit and maybe even repeat things 3 times- doing good, doing good, doing good (inside joke).

Last name: I'm so excited for Paisley to become a Craig. And God knows there is NOBODY else on this earth that could be a better daddy to her than Todd Craig.

So there you have it. The background behind the name Paisley Lynn Craig. We can't wait to meet Sweet P in July!

And because every blog entry must have a picture- here's a little craft I'm working on for the nursery.

From Nursery Crafts

P.S. People amaze me sometimes! I've told some people her name and they have been sweet as pie. I've also had others react a totally different way. So do me a favor and if you don't like my baby's name - that's fine- just don't tell me. Whatever you do don't scrunch your nose and say "really?". Don't ask if I have REALLY thought hard about it? And whatever you do, do NOT tell me it sounds Johnson county (which means redneck around here). The last thing a pregnant, hormonal woman wants to hear is that you don't approve of her baby's name. So do us all a favor- put a smile on your face, lie straight to my face, repent later and tell me you LOVE IT! I'm pretty such that's what they call LOVE. In fact, Brad Paisley wrote a song just about that very subject. Hope it makes chuckle!! Click here


22 Weeks

I am now 22 weeks pregnant (5.5 months). It's been pretty low key 2 weeks since you've seen the belly last. My pelvic pain has either lessened or I'm just getting use to it. The baby still moves around like crazy on her scheduled times and I'm starting to gain some weight! Things are good.

From Baby Bump
From Baby Bump
From Baby Bump
From Baby Bump
How far along? 22 weeks (5.5 months)
Total weight gain? 8 lbs
Maternity Clothes? YES! I've been doing LOTS of shopping lately getting ready for spring which includes lots of stretchy dresses. Finally found a pair of white pants & white jean capri's at a consignment shop this week. Super excited about that purchase.
Sleep? Still sleeping good with my body pillow. Getting up about twice in the night to pee
Best moment of the week? Todd got me a macro lens for my birthday! Said he wouldn't but I knew he would. Now I'll be able to get all of those close up shots of her eyelashes, lips, fingernails, toes & even the hair on her ears. I freakin can't wait
Miss anything? Dunkin Donuts coffee (CAFFEINATED) with 2 Sweet n Low's
Movement? All the time. She's still keeping up with her schedule Jazzercise routine of 7am, 10am, 12p, 3pm, 7pm & 10 pm. One day this week she literally moved the entire day. It wore me out. I begged her to take it easy the next day to give me a break and she literally slept all day long. Guess she wore herself out too.
Food cravings? Pizza Hut breadsticks. They have them at our Target in Apex & I get them everytime I go in (which happens to be a lot lately)
Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope
Gender? Girl
Labor Signs? Nope
Symptoms? Had heartburn so bad one night that it literally woke me up. My friend Heather recommended Zantac. So went to CVS the next morning, got a year's supply (which isn't cheap) and haven't had heartburn since. Go figure! So if you suffer from heartburn & need some Zantac, give me a call.
Wedding rings on or off? Still can't wear it. Tried wearing a silver band this week & that made my finger break out too.
Happy or Moody? I think I'm pretty much happy with a side of moody every once in awhile
Looking forward to? Having daddy back in town. He left Wednesday on a fishing trip & won't be back until midnight on Sunday. Even though I have enjoyed having the bed all to myself & not having anybody touch me while I sleep, I do miss him. The house is lonely without him there.

Til next time,


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