Swimming Pool

Swimming pool! Swimming pool! Swimming pool! We've finally got a swimming pool! I can hardly believe it. I hope you hear my excitement!!! Living in a hay pasture with no trees or shade in the middle of a Texas summer will now be bearable!

It's kinda cool how the pool went up.

It started with one big hole.

Felt like it was one big hole forever. It never rains in TX and the week they wanted to pour the concrete, it of course rained all week long off & on. Finally it dried up and the guys came out last week.

The plaster guys were suppose to come out this past weekend but guess what happened? You guessed it right- RAIN! So instead of swimming this weekend, we were looking at a cement hole.

You know what is worse than not having a swimming pool? It's actually having a hole shaped swimming pool to remind you that you can't freakin swim!!!!!!!!!

Then on Monday, the skies cleared and the plaster guys were out at 7:30am!

Here's our contractor, Wild Bill (you know everybody has a name around here). We love him!

Last night we went for a swim while the pool was filling up. It was so nice!

And after 24 hours, the water is in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Swimming pool! Swimming pool! Swimming pool!

Tonight's project is laying sod around the pool. We're headed to town soon to pick it up. Momma T & Todd will be putting the sod in while I sip on lemonade on the porch and manage the project! No heavy lifting for this pregnant momma! Tough life huh???



Pops got a new boat while he was home this last time. We went for the maiden voyage before he left. I was really hoping Pops would get a pontoon but he got a ski boat instead (selfish!!! just kidding). I mean who doesn't love a pontoon boat? It's like a party on the water! Plus I can't get Little Big Town's song 'Pontoon' out of my head. Oh well. A ski boat will work for now til I convince the pontoon is where its at.

I didn't get a picture of the boat. Only pictures of the people in it but you'll get the picture.

Colie was still in town & even went home with my bathing suit since my fat butt won't be wearing it this summer.

Isn't she just cool?

Paisley really didn't enjoy the ride. I honestly thought she would since she loves to ride anything & everything on the farm. But it was the life jacket that she didn't like. I can't blame her. Every time she would sit down the dumb thing would just straight up into her neck. She was not a happy camper but she hung on for about an hour. She also hung on to that veggie stick that it was the life preserver!

She got to have a little fun when we let her think she was driving. She perked up after that.

Happy Tuesday!


Paisley's 1st birthday party

Paisley's 1st birthday party was a huge success last weekend. I initially thought we wouldn't do a theme. Maybe just a bunch of pink but who am I kidding? I've never thrown a 'themeless' party. Tractors just had to make their way in the theme somehow since we are living on the farm and what goes better than tractors & tutus? My sweet friend Amanda helped us create the cutest of all invitations.

Now on to the details.

I created 'Paisley's 1st year' wall that had pictures of her from this past year. It also included her month to month pics. It was really cool to see how much she's grown over the last 365 days.

I had a chalkboard print made that had all of P's statistics.

We had mason jars for our pink lemonade & sweet tea. Pink & white chevron print for our table cloth & some pretty flowers.

And what's a cake without a John Deere tractor on top?

And of course we needed some cupcakes.

I set up tables outside in the garage with a big box fan but no one sat outside. Can't blame them. It was too dang hot!

In Texas, we do things big. So that means that cooking hamburgers on a regular size grill wouldn't work. My mom's friend Eric brought out his BIG OL Texas sized grill & made some dang good hamburgers.

Tractor & tutu teacakes were our favor (that was totally a labor of love on Momma T's part- they seriously took 2 days to make)A

My crazy aunts surprised us and brought tutus for all to wear.

A little photo op of our family unit in front of the Deere

Aunt Colie even came in town for the event.

This is off topic but this is Paisley's new trick: standing on her head!

She was such a cute birthday girl!

Next? It was time to open presents. She LOVED opening presents. The only part she didn't like was when we would take the present away from her to open up a new gift. She really just wanted to play with all of her stuff.

After presents we did the traditional smash cake. Gotta say she did a whole lot better than I thought she would do. I really thought she would cry when everybody sang Happy Birthday but she didn't. I just knew she'd cry when I put this stupid hat on her. Nope. She eventually took it off and started probing at her cake. Her daddy jumped in and showed her how to do it and she was a pro. Didn't eat much but enjoyed getting messy.

Thank you for all who came out to celebrate our Sweet P's big day. It was a lot of fun!


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