Pops got a new boat while he was home this last time. We went for the maiden voyage before he left. I was really hoping Pops would get a pontoon but he got a ski boat instead (selfish!!! just kidding). I mean who doesn't love a pontoon boat? It's like a party on the water! Plus I can't get Little Big Town's song 'Pontoon' out of my head. Oh well. A ski boat will work for now til I convince the pontoon is where its at.

I didn't get a picture of the boat. Only pictures of the people in it but you'll get the picture.

Colie was still in town & even went home with my bathing suit since my fat butt won't be wearing it this summer.

Isn't she just cool?

Paisley really didn't enjoy the ride. I honestly thought she would since she loves to ride anything & everything on the farm. But it was the life jacket that she didn't like. I can't blame her. Every time she would sit down the dumb thing would just straight up into her neck. She was not a happy camper but she hung on for about an hour. She also hung on to that veggie stick that it was the life preserver!

She got to have a little fun when we let her think she was driving. She perked up after that.

Happy Tuesday!

Nichole Annette Howard  – (July 24, 2013 at 7:01 PM)  

OR... isn't she just WHITE? Love you, sis.

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