Swimming Pool

Swimming pool! Swimming pool! Swimming pool! We've finally got a swimming pool! I can hardly believe it. I hope you hear my excitement!!! Living in a hay pasture with no trees or shade in the middle of a Texas summer will now be bearable!

It's kinda cool how the pool went up.

It started with one big hole.

Felt like it was one big hole forever. It never rains in TX and the week they wanted to pour the concrete, it of course rained all week long off & on. Finally it dried up and the guys came out last week.

The plaster guys were suppose to come out this past weekend but guess what happened? You guessed it right- RAIN! So instead of swimming this weekend, we were looking at a cement hole.

You know what is worse than not having a swimming pool? It's actually having a hole shaped swimming pool to remind you that you can't freakin swim!!!!!!!!!

Then on Monday, the skies cleared and the plaster guys were out at 7:30am!

Here's our contractor, Wild Bill (you know everybody has a name around here). We love him!

Last night we went for a swim while the pool was filling up. It was so nice!

And after 24 hours, the water is in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Swimming pool! Swimming pool! Swimming pool!

Tonight's project is laying sod around the pool. We're headed to town soon to pick it up. Momma T & Todd will be putting the sod in while I sip on lemonade on the porch and manage the project! No heavy lifting for this pregnant momma! Tough life huh???

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