Water table fun!

Paisley got a water table for her birthday a few weeks ago and she loves it! In fact, she loves it WAY more than my parents expensive swimming pool that they put in for her. Go figure! So most days we are outside playing in the water table.

She starts off playing in the water table. Then we run out of water & have to refill it again. At that point she becomes more interested in playing with the faucet than playing with her table. Side note: what is the fascination with kids & running water? That's one of Paisley's favorite things to do now. I don't get it.

She then becomes so wet that we have to take her clothes off. It's at this point that she craps herself. She does it EVERY.SINGLE.TIME! I think the water must relax her or something.

Have you seen a cuter bum?

She then ends her time doing head stands in the driveway! Crazy girl.

Who knew water tables were so much fun????????

Mel :) –   – (August 10, 2013 at 4:24 AM)  

Hey, I'm an adult and I still get fascinated by running water! So great that Paisley is able to enjoy her water table - she's going to kill you for those naked pictures later!

Hope you guys are enjoying the pool (wonder what would happen if you put the water table on that sitting area in the pool?). Gotta love summer in Texas! Stay cool! Love you!

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