Bath time fun!

I haven't taken any pictures of Paisley's bath time lately. She really does love water (as you saw in her water table post) so bath time is always a fun time for all of us. We hit up Momma T's big bath tub one night and I got my camera out.

Everything is fun until we get shampoo in our eyes!

She loves playing with this cup.

These 2 pictures remind me of the munchkins on Wizard of Oz. You know the ones.

See! Told ya. hahahahahahaha

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Jennifer Brooke Shuler  – (August 16, 2013 at 4:33 AM)  

Hahahaha! I just busted out laughing when I saw the munchkin comparison! :) Paisley is SO fun! Love you all!

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