Thanksgiving Part I

Lots going on in Texas so thought I'd share a few pics before Part II of Thanksgiving begins tomorrow. Its literally the calm before the storm right now. Todd & I flew in on Sunday and have been chilin on the farm for a few days. We've had some quiet, quality time with Rodney and Mother Therese. All that ends tonight as my mother's 19 Thanksgiving guests arrive. Yes, I said 19!!!! The philosophy around here has always been and will always be "THE MORE, THE MERRIER".

Rodney recently built a new hay barn and also purchased a brand new John Deere tractor. He was anxious to show Todd both.

Rod gave a quick instruction lesson on how to drive the tractor then cut Todd lose. Todd got to load up the hay bales all by himself. I assisted with opening all the gates while riding along on the 4 wheeler.

The cows were so hungry that they literally attacked the tractor before Todd could even put the bales down.

My two favorite cowboys. By the end of the morning Todd was planning how he'd quit his job, move to Texas and become a hay farmer. Don't think so dude! I like my city life!

On Monday, I borrowed my mom's car and drove into "town". Beaumont is about an hour away and I went to visit one of old and dearest friends, Amanda White. Amanda had twins earlier in the year and Madilynn, her oldest, just turned 2 in October. Needless to say, Amanda is one busy woman!

This is Madilynn. She is the cutest and one of the happiest babies I've seen. When you tell her to smile for the camera, this is the face you get. Too cute!

This is Payton. Amanda says he doesn't like to be set down so he's always in somebody's arms.

And this is Hannah. She doesn't mind playing on her own. She loved this bouncing chair.

Last night Todd did a little fishing at the pond in the backyard. This boys loves the country life!

This was the sunset last night.

Todd is currently fishing with Rodney & the neighbor and I'm helping my mom cook. Getting ready for Part II of Thanksgiving 2010!

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving with their family and friends!

The Craigs


November 20

Good things happen on the 20th! Today is exactly 9 months that Todd & I have been married. And, we just got back from a friend's wedding- Jenni P and Rance. Jenni P and Rance met July 2009 while on a mission trip to Trinidad. Jenni went with our church in Raleigh and Rance was with his church from Robbinsville, NC (which is in the mountains and about 5 hours away from Raleigh). Jenni had been going to Trinidad every year for the past 5 years. But this time a country boy from the mountains would fall in her path. Its a long story but basically one of Jenni's co-workers knew Rance and they began emailing each other once they got back to the states. They began dating in January and were engaged by March. Who does that??? Just kidding! Anyhoo- these two people love JESUS! And there one goal of tonight's wedding was to Glorify God! And thats exactly what they did.

I always like to look at the groom while the bride is walking down the aisle. This is Rance's response. No, he wasn't waving at Jennni so she could see him. He was praising Jesus what for he saw coming down that aisle!

The pastor from Trinidad even made the trip to NC to be at this very special wedding.

Jenni & Rance were praising Jesus during the songs that were played during the ceremony. It was truly a worship service.

Jenni & Rance have not kissed during their courtship. So this was the moment everyone was waiting for. I wish I would have video taped it because they were so funny. Jenni went back for seconds. I think she liked it?!!

Their cake was gorgeous and tasted great!

Group shot of our table. Smiley Steve and his girlfriend Jennifer. We call them a Bag of Sugar because of them are SO sweet. Kaleena & Robbie. Todd has always called them KaRobbie. And its stuck. And then the two of us.

Here are the bride & groom. Aren't they just pretty people? If you knew them, you'd know that they are prettier inside than out. Thats a whole lotta pretty!

The girls + Rance.

Kaleena & myself.

We are SO excited for Jennifer and Rance. They are such great people who really have a heart for Jesus and their actions always show it. We wish them nothing but the best for their new life together. We're sad Jenni is moving to the mountains but excited to see how God will use them together as husband and wife. We love you guys! Enjoy your honeymoon!

Candice & Todd


SURPRISE 1 Year Engaged Anniversary

Does that title make sense???? Anyhoo- yesterday (Nov 11) was one year that my best friend asked me to marry him. I'm sure everybody remembers the story but if you don't here's a recap. Todd re-created our first date- a glass of wine at Peak City Grill, dinner at Daniel's and Sunset Slush. While eating Sunset Slush, I noticed there was something in it. A plastic bag with my ENGAGEMENT ring. Todd had "She's everything" by Brad Paisley (our first dance as a married couple) playing in the car and we got out and danced in the rain and then he got on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was a great proposal but the surprise came when I walked in the door of his house and realized there was a party going on with 30 of our close friends! So I decided to turn the tables and recreate this night for Todd. I had my friends Ashley & Kaleena help me set up the house while we were gone to dinner.

I had the woman who made our wedding cake make this cake. Look fimiliar??? We have a TON left over so come and get it.

Todd walked in the door & was TOTALLY surprised!

I got him. Totally surprised = SUCCESS

Todd being silly & acting like me last year when I was showing off my ring.

Cutting the cake

Thank you to all who came out on a Thursday night to help me surprise my husband! It really meant a lot to him that people would take time out of their schedules to help us celebrate a very special day for us. You guys are great!!!! A HUGE Thank you to Kaleena & Ashley for helping out. Guess it was a God thing that my car was open since that key wouldn't open the front door. Sorry!

I'm headed to the Women of Faith Conference in Greensboro today & Todd's youngest brother, Marcus, is coming to Raleigh to visit today. Always busy in the Craig household. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


P.S. If you couldn't tell, I'm a brunette now! Hoping it will fade soon. Its a little dark. oops!


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