Bluebonnet Success!

I made another attempt at the bluebonnets before they were gone. It's a shame that I had to leave my own children at home to have a little success :-)

These are my friend Kristi's children. Josie is a year older than Paisley & we have had several play dates in the year that we've been in TX. Her mother hates her fingers in her mouth but I think it's 'her' and shows that she's still a little girl not yet grown up. I'm pretty sure no mamas want their little girls to grow up!

Josie has two older brothers- Jacob

And Josh- who wasn't really thrilled to be taking pictures

And finally the three of them together. Do you think they love each other? Uh, I sure do!

But this is their true personalities. Crazy kids!!!
And finally one with mama!

Hopefully next year I'll get my two out in the bluebonnets with success.Thanks Kristi for driving the long way to Spurger and having some fun with me.

Til next year,


Hunter 3 months old

The little man is 3 months old today! Really kind of hard to believe but I'm soaking up every single second of it.

I said it once and I'll say it again. He is such a good baby! The perfect baby in fact.

Apparently I have really perfect babies. I looked back at Paisley's month to month pictures and she was the perfect baby back then too. Amazing how much she has changed. Sadly I wish Hunter could stay this little forever. The thought of him becoming a toddler breaks my heart a bit.

He celebrated his 3 month birthday by sleeping 12 hours straight last night! I really thought he was dead so I checked on him several times. I couldn't believe it!

He is also the happiest baby I have ever seen. He won't smile for the camera yet but I swear he smiles and coos and talks all day long. Its the cutest thing ever.

Don't grow up big boy. Stay mama's baby forever please!


Easter Fun

Man has it been a busy weekend! Who knew Easter was so much fun with kids? Gotta say its WAY MORE FUN than any other holiday we've experienced so far. Paisley had the time of her life this weekend.

Friday night we dyed eggs. I was surprised how long she sat still while doing it. She was actually really good and had a great time with her daddy dying eggs.

Saturday morning we got up and went to our town's Easter Egg hunt at the Primary School. The weather was gorgeous and it was a ton of fun. Todd had hid eggs the weekend before so Paisley knew exactly what to do. The "hunt" didn't really last long but she had a great time.

We even got to see the Easter bunny. P would NOT get out of Todd's arms and sit on the bunny's lap so we took a family photo.

Sunday morning we woke up to find out that Paisley made the front page of the Beaumont Enterprise! That editor obviously knows cute when he or she sees it. I was SO proud. We went out and bought 6 copies!!!

The Easter bunny dropped something off on our back porch on Sunday morning too! She loved seeing all the eggs in her basket but her favorite thing was the stuffed bunnies that my mother in law gave her.

Finally a picture with mommy in it. I like it even though she's acting crazy!

My little man was part of all the fun this weekend too but he slept through most of it. Luckily I got him earlier in the week for his Easter pics.

All this fun has worn me out. I'm headed to bed now at 8:30pm! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend.


Easter 2014

Happy Easter weekend! I attempted the impossible last week- I tried to get a 'staged' photo out of my 21 month old daughter! And I hate to admit that I failed. At the time, it made me spitting mad that Paisley wouldn't participate. She stole Hunter's paci and would NOT take it out of her mouth for the photos. She literally hasn't taken a paci since she was 3 months old and now that her brother is around, she likes to steal it from him. Now that I look at these pictures, they make me laugh and realize what a hand full she is. A sassy, strong willed little girl! (wonder where she gets that from!) She's a ton of work, has a ton of personality but she's also a ton of fun.

Luckily I have another baby who can't walk and hasn't developed a personality yet so he is more than happy to sit still, wear some bunny ears and throw me a smile!

I hope everyone has a Happy Easter!!!


Scavenger Hunt April 6

I'm proud of myself that I'm back again for a Scavenger Hunt. I've been using my dad's professional Nikon camera and I gotta say I'm loving it. I'm a Canon girl and I really needed to upgrade to a full camera about a year ago but it's not in the budget this year. So I've grabbed my dad's camera and we now have custody agreements for it. He'll be taking it to Japan in 2 weeks so I'll be back to my little crop sensor :-(

Here are my pics for this week

1. Macro- Bluebonnets are starting to come out here in Southeast TX and I'm loving them!

2. Wheels- Paisley jumped in the wheel barrow last weekend and helped her daddy with yard work.

3. Shiny- Can you believe this little shiny dress is mine from over 30 years ago? We thought Paisley's fat little belly wouldn't be able to fit in it but it did and she loved it! I think she thought it was a princess dress or something because she kept dancing and twirling around in it.

4. Weather- the weather has been great lately and we've really enjoyed getting outside.

5. Favorite sport- Paisley's favorite sport right now is basketball.

Click here to see what others did this week.

Til next time,


Bluebonnet fail

The bluebonnets are starting to pop up around these parts. I was SO excited when I saw some this week near my parents house. I couldn't wait to get Paisley out in this one little field because the flowers were gorgeous.

I set up the rocking chair and waited for the sun to go down a bit but P wasn't interested in cooperating.

Hey P- wanna smile for the camera? Uh NO!

Hey P- can you keep your boots on? Uh NO!

I did capture her touching & exploring the flowers before her attention turned elsewhere.

And what would be more interesting than gorgeous bluebonnets??????

PIGS! Note to self: When you want a picture with bluebonnets make sure the field isn't anywhere close to pigs.

Yep. My daughter rather watch pigs than play with bluebonnets. I'll never know how I got a country girl instead of a girly girl. However, I guess she takes after her mama that use to count pigs for a living!!!

This was a bluebonnet fail. I'm not sure how long bluebonnet season lasts but I hope I'll get another try soon!


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