It's a BOY!!!!!!!!!!

Yep- You read that right- It's a BOY!!!!! We had our 18 wk appt yesterday to find out that we're having a baby BOY in January 2014. I hope this boy likes pink because everything we own in pink. Wondering if I could dye some stuff to make the pink blue??

Todd is thrilled! I think living with two women & a baby girl has him worn out. He's ready to add another boy to the mix. Can't believe it hasn't been 2 years ago when we sat in that ultrasound and I was praying for a girl. God totally gave me the desires of my heart that day. And yesterday, God gave Todd the desires of his heart. So we're even. One boy. One girl. I'm done. Well, Todd's sperm are done come January when he either gets a procedure or I make him go through the calf shoot in the barn :-)

Like with any major Craig announcement, we had to have ourselves a photo shoot. Paisley once again wasn't into it. I must have ruined her by sticking my camera in her face for the last 13 months. She sees my camera and literally freaks out and totally doesn't participate. Like always, the out takes are way funnier than the "good" pic that ends up on Facebook. So only you blog followers get to see the funny stuff. Lucky you!

Glad someone told Todd that his mustache was backwards!

Nothing like having P jumping out of my arms into concrete than participating in a little photo action.

Todd was obviously oblivious to what was going on.

Finally a good one with willing participants.

Who wouldn't want to have this man's baby????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We're headed to Destin, FL to visit the in-laws on Thursday. We'll be there for 10 days. So expect no action on the blog for awhile and beach pictures when I get back.

Take care,


1 year old photo session

I forget that some of you blog followers (all 5 of ya) aren't on Facebook. I post pics on FB but sometimes forget to post there here as well. A month ago, Paisley had her 1st birthday pics with a local photographer, Danielle Brasher. I wanted to share those here.

We brought the teepee that Momma T made Paisley for her birthday.

Danielle thought it would be cute to put Paisley on a chair & take some pics. Paisley thought otherwise! She was literally jumping off the chairs unto a concrete floor & could have cared less. Luckily, Danielle had a fast shutter speed and was able to capture a few pics before the crazy dives to the ground.

We did your typical cake smash photos that came out super cute. Gotta love her sweet faces.

Could you tell she had fun????????


Bath time fun!

I haven't taken any pictures of Paisley's bath time lately. She really does love water (as you saw in her water table post) so bath time is always a fun time for all of us. We hit up Momma T's big bath tub one night and I got my camera out.

Everything is fun until we get shampoo in our eyes!

She loves playing with this cup.

These 2 pictures remind me of the munchkins on Wizard of Oz. You know the ones.

See! Told ya. hahahahahahaha

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


Water table fun!

Paisley got a water table for her birthday a few weeks ago and she loves it! In fact, she loves it WAY more than my parents expensive swimming pool that they put in for her. Go figure! So most days we are outside playing in the water table.

She starts off playing in the water table. Then we run out of water & have to refill it again. At that point she becomes more interested in playing with the faucet than playing with her table. Side note: what is the fascination with kids & running water? That's one of Paisley's favorite things to do now. I don't get it.

She then becomes so wet that we have to take her clothes off. It's at this point that she craps herself. She does it EVERY.SINGLE.TIME! I think the water must relax her or something.

Have you seen a cuter bum?

She then ends her time doing head stands in the driveway! Crazy girl.

Who knew water tables were so much fun????????


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