Happy Halloween

Our Halloween has involved a sick baby, 103 temp, a 2 hr drive to the Dr in the middle of a horrible rain storm and the flu! The only treat Paisley will be getting tonight is TAMIFLU. Seems like I just can't keep this kid healthy.

Luckily I took pictures earlier in the week when she was healthy, happy and our pastures weren't flooded.

My new friend from Spurger, Heather Minter, brought her two girls over and we had ourselves a little photo shoot in the pasture. Their mother hasn't tortured them with a camera in their face and they were much better participants than Paisley was.

I hope you all have a sick & rain free Halloween!


North Carolina's Hill Ridge Farm

I had GRAND plans while we were in Raleigh. I booked us everyday- lunch dates, play dates, dinner dates with friends. But wouldn't you know, things didn't work out the way I planned. We were having a good time until Tuesday when everything came to a screeching halt when Paisley had a temp of 105.4 and an ear infection. Thankfully we were staying with our friends TJ & Claudia and Claudia is a PA so she was able to look at Paisley's ears and prescrip an antibiotic within 15 minutes. TJ ran across the street and we had our prescription within 30 minutes. Such a God send! Otherwise we would have spent that night in the ER. We monitored P every 4 hrs that night and the fever broke on Wednesday and by Thursday she was feeling much better. Just in time for us to board a plane on Friday and have her freak out when her ears starting hurting her while we were landing. It was the WORST meltdown I have ever seen from my child. Horrible! All that said, I think our traveling days with Paisley are OVER. I seriously can't handle another trip like that with her and I don't think her ears can handle another plane ride!

Anyhoo- before we left town, we hit up Hill Ridge Farms with my friend Kelly and her two kids- James and Grace. Paisley had a grand time and its the only time I was able to get my camera out all week long so there are lots of pics to share. Sorry in advance.

There was a hay ride that dropped you off in the pumpkin patch. Only bummer is they only allowed you 15 minutes (which was really 10) in the patch before the hay ride left. You could stay longer but you would either have to wait 30 minutes for another ride or walk. And this 6.5 months pregnant momma was not walking! So I got as many shots as I could in those 15 minutes.

Paisley loved the pumpkin she picked out. Wouldn't stop touching the stem. She even tried to pick it up by herself once and got frustrated that she couldn't do it on her own.

Next up was the train ride.

We had a good day & I was glad to see my Sweet P feeling better. Just wish I could have spent time with my friends that I miss so much but this face is the most important thing now and she sets the schedule.

Bye Bye NC! We probably won't be back for awhile but we miss you (more than you know!)


Tyler County Fair

The neighboring town had a little fair last weekend so we took P. And by little, I mean LITTLE! She could only ride 2 rides and there just wasn't much to see (nothing like my NC State Fair) but we had fun anyways.

We rode the carousal.

She even rode this big tall scary slide with her daddy. She loved it!

Nice hair P!

After she went down the slide, she thought she could climb back up it. I think not!

She got to see a few animals. Oddly enough she wasn't to interested in the animals. Guess its just something she sees here every day on the farm so she wasn't impressed.

She did just enjoy walking around. She so desperately wants to be a big girl and walk around by herself. Its sometimes hard to keep up with her.

She really wanted to ride this ride. Don't think so chick! Gonna have to wait a few years for this one.

We're headed to Raleigh tomorrow & I can't wait. Cool weather, fall leaves & hanging out with all our friends. Not sure if I'll actually come back to TX or not :-) I'll have lots of pictures to share (if I do come back).

Hope everyone has a good week,


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