Tyler County Fair

The neighboring town had a little fair last weekend so we took P. And by little, I mean LITTLE! She could only ride 2 rides and there just wasn't much to see (nothing like my NC State Fair) but we had fun anyways.

We rode the carousal.

She even rode this big tall scary slide with her daddy. She loved it!

Nice hair P!

After she went down the slide, she thought she could climb back up it. I think not!

She got to see a few animals. Oddly enough she wasn't to interested in the animals. Guess its just something she sees here every day on the farm so she wasn't impressed.

She did just enjoy walking around. She so desperately wants to be a big girl and walk around by herself. Its sometimes hard to keep up with her.

She really wanted to ride this ride. Don't think so chick! Gonna have to wait a few years for this one.

We're headed to Raleigh tomorrow & I can't wait. Cool weather, fall leaves & hanging out with all our friends. Not sure if I'll actually come back to TX or not :-) I'll have lots of pictures to share (if I do come back).

Hope everyone has a good week,

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