1 month

Hunter is a month old today! It's always that first month that last FOREVER because you literally don't sleep. Especially when you have a little boy who wants to eat every two hours! I knew he had gotten big but I didn't realize just how big until I weighed him on the scale today. Holy Moses this boy weighs 11 lbs already! We gotta get him on a 3 hr schedule so I can sleep & so he isn't wearing 12 month clothing in 2 months! He's also picked up a nickname: Hunter the Grunter. He grunts all day & all night long! We still gotta work on him holding his head up on his own.

His first month has gone pretty good. He's a good boy & very chill.  However the last 3 days have been a little rough. He's had really bad gas which makes him really mad. I've moved him into the guest room so he doesn't wake Paisley or Todd up at night when he starts to scream. I was thinking that it was something that I was eating that was causing him pain but I've eliminated all dairy & spicy food now so I'm not sure what the issue is. I just hope my poor boy feels better soon. Between bronchitis at 10 days old and now this awful gas, he's been a trooper his first 30 days outside the womb.


4 years

Yesterday Todd & I celebrated 4 years of marriage. Today we celebrated our anniversary by Todd getting a vasectomy! Yep, you read that right! I'm serious this time about never being pregnant again. He asked me what I wanted for my anniversary so I told him and he agreed!

Like any loving wife, I put together a little Vasectomy care package for the occasion.

Advil, frozen peas (they form better to the "area" than an ice pack), can of nuts (get it??), disposable razor, vasectomy coupons that entitle him to unlimited Taco Bell & beer runs, Xbox game and a 'Protect Your Nuts' t-shirt.

And yes he wore that to the Dr office today. I'm sure the doctor laughed while they were giving him the snip snip! I would have!

The procedure was really quick & he's back home laying on the couch. Paisley went to spend the night with Momma T & Pops so I'll be here this weekend taking care of my boys!

Hope everyone has a good weekend,


Playing in the kitchen

On Valentine's day I let Paisley help me make some cupcakes. Hunter was napping & I pulled out my camera. I haven't let her really "help" in the kitchen much because she destroys everything and honestly she likes to be held so I can't really do much when she is up & around. But this time I set up a step stool & let her have it. She had a ball (even though she doesn't look like it because she refuses to smile for my camera).

I love her little apron that Momma T made her.

She is such a little stinker with a TON of personality! She keeps me on my toes but I love her to death.


Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

I was so good about taking pictures of Paisley for every holiday when she was little. Today proved that I won't be as good about taking those same shots with Hunter. I got just a few photos of him during the 1 hour that he was awake today (boy has his days & nights mixed up). Getting a picture of the both of them proved difficult as well but at least I tried.

We have lots of windows in our house & P and I had a little fun in Hunter's room. I wanted to see what the light looked like in his room & I just love this little dress from Target so I snapped away.

I even lied and told her that her friends Lainey & Riley were coming over so that I could get a smile and instead I got this reaction. Oops- bad mommy for lying.

I don't know how you'll spend your Valentine's day but I hope you have a good one. I'll be kissing up on these two loves.


Hunter's Birth Video

Check out Hunter's birth video. A HUGE thank you to my cousin Jessica for being brave enough to be in the room when he was delivered. I'm so thankful she captured his arrival! And another thanks to my talented husband for putting this together (even if he did take him almost two weeks :-)

Click here for the video

On a side note, my little man has bronchitis. We took him to the doctor on Monday because he had a really bad cough. I have NO clue how he got sick at 9 days old but he did. He's on breathing treatments every 4 hours and its just pitiful. He is such a good baby that he usually doesn't fuss during them & if you didn't know better, you wouldn't think he was sick. We go to the doctor tomorrow for a follow-up so we'll see what they say. Poor guy!


1 week old & piggy tails

I've got a feeling that Hunter will have a camera in his face a whole lot less than Paisley did when she was little. We've been home for a week and I've picked up my camera once to document his week old birthday. Here is the little guy at 1 week old.

The same day I attempted to do the impossible- put piggy tails in Paisley's hair. Her hair has gotten really long but she refuses to let me do anything with it. I just knew that putting it up in piggy tails would be super cute so I did it. It came with a lot of tears but I think they were worth it :-)

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!


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