4 years

Yesterday Todd & I celebrated 4 years of marriage. Today we celebrated our anniversary by Todd getting a vasectomy! Yep, you read that right! I'm serious this time about never being pregnant again. He asked me what I wanted for my anniversary so I told him and he agreed!

Like any loving wife, I put together a little Vasectomy care package for the occasion.

Advil, frozen peas (they form better to the "area" than an ice pack), can of nuts (get it??), disposable razor, vasectomy coupons that entitle him to unlimited Taco Bell & beer runs, Xbox game and a 'Protect Your Nuts' t-shirt.

And yes he wore that to the Dr office today. I'm sure the doctor laughed while they were giving him the snip snip! I would have!

The procedure was really quick & he's back home laying on the couch. Paisley went to spend the night with Momma T & Pops so I'll be here this weekend taking care of my boys!

Hope everyone has a good weekend,

Victoria  – (February 21, 2014 at 1:45 PM)  

What a gift! Todd, hope you're healing up! Candice you crack me up! That nut shirt is amazing!

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