1 month

Hunter is a month old today! It's always that first month that last FOREVER because you literally don't sleep. Especially when you have a little boy who wants to eat every two hours! I knew he had gotten big but I didn't realize just how big until I weighed him on the scale today. Holy Moses this boy weighs 11 lbs already! We gotta get him on a 3 hr schedule so I can sleep & so he isn't wearing 12 month clothing in 2 months! He's also picked up a nickname: Hunter the Grunter. He grunts all day & all night long! We still gotta work on him holding his head up on his own.

His first month has gone pretty good. He's a good boy & very chill.  However the last 3 days have been a little rough. He's had really bad gas which makes him really mad. I've moved him into the guest room so he doesn't wake Paisley or Todd up at night when he starts to scream. I was thinking that it was something that I was eating that was causing him pain but I've eliminated all dairy & spicy food now so I'm not sure what the issue is. I just hope my poor boy feels better soon. Between bronchitis at 10 days old and now this awful gas, he's been a trooper his first 30 days outside the womb.

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