SURPRISE 1 Year Engaged Anniversary

Does that title make sense???? Anyhoo- yesterday (Nov 11) was one year that my best friend asked me to marry him. I'm sure everybody remembers the story but if you don't here's a recap. Todd re-created our first date- a glass of wine at Peak City Grill, dinner at Daniel's and Sunset Slush. While eating Sunset Slush, I noticed there was something in it. A plastic bag with my ENGAGEMENT ring. Todd had "She's everything" by Brad Paisley (our first dance as a married couple) playing in the car and we got out and danced in the rain and then he got on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was a great proposal but the surprise came when I walked in the door of his house and realized there was a party going on with 30 of our close friends! So I decided to turn the tables and recreate this night for Todd. I had my friends Ashley & Kaleena help me set up the house while we were gone to dinner.

I had the woman who made our wedding cake make this cake. Look fimiliar??? We have a TON left over so come and get it.

Todd walked in the door & was TOTALLY surprised!

I got him. Totally surprised = SUCCESS

Todd being silly & acting like me last year when I was showing off my ring.

Cutting the cake

Thank you to all who came out on a Thursday night to help me surprise my husband! It really meant a lot to him that people would take time out of their schedules to help us celebrate a very special day for us. You guys are great!!!! A HUGE Thank you to Kaleena & Ashley for helping out. Guess it was a God thing that my car was open since that key wouldn't open the front door. Sorry!

I'm headed to the Women of Faith Conference in Greensboro today & Todd's youngest brother, Marcus, is coming to Raleigh to visit today. Always busy in the Craig household. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


P.S. If you couldn't tell, I'm a brunette now! Hoping it will fade soon. Its a little dark. oops!

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