12 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My sweet girl was a year old yesterday! I relived each hour telling her what I was doing during that time like - "mommy was getting pitocin", "mommy was having hard contractions" and "mommy got an epidural". She would just look at me like I had two heads.

It's amazing to me how much she has grown in the last year. She really has gone from a tiny baby to a big girl. She amazes me everyday with what she is doing and what she is picking up (side note- this kid is pretty smart cookie!) She's like a little sponge and imitates everything you do! She's so funny and makes the craziest of all faces. And all she does now is walk/run around this house. She's like a little midget person. Cracks me up.

Here are our last set of monthly pics.

I for one am glad these pictures are over because they've been ending this way lately. I mean who the freak would rather jump off a chair and bang their head then sit still for a picture?!

She really lost her mind when I put this stupid hat on her.

And finally a look back at our pics month to month!

Baby Center sent me a 'Congrats your baby is a year old & you've made it' text yesterday. I gotta say I appreciate that text. We have made it! I didn't know how to care for an infant a year ago. I had no clue what I was doing. But somehow we made it! We haven't killed her and she hasn't killed us yet. I think that causes for a celebration don't you???!!! Too bad that celebration won't include a margarita for me!!!Oh well. Maybe next year!

geraldean  – (August 15, 2013 at 4:29 AM)  

Okay, the 9mo picture is DA BEST! xoxox

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