Before my 2nd photography class this week, I needed to do a little practicing. Our neighbor was outside with his 11 month old son, Tylan so I asked if I could use him as my subject for a little while. So I put Tylan in our front yard & just let him play with the pinecones & tried different shots.  I needed to practice the 3 things that make up a photograph- ISO, Shutter Speed & Aperture.

This first shot is a little overexposed meaning that it has too much white in it. See how bright it is???

From Photography Pics

I think the color on this next shot is better. Not sure how I could edit to make it better but we haven't gotten to editing yet. Tylan was waving "hi" to the camera.

From Photography Pics

He's kinda chillin' here and looking at me like "lady what are you doing?"

From Photography Pics

I've asked if I could use Tylan as my subject while I'm learning so you may see more shots of him. He likes being outside & loves hanging out with his daddy (who loves visiting with Todd). So Tylan may become a fixture here at the Craig Blog. If you got a baby, bring em over! I'm hoping to get an early birthday present soon. A prime lense that will be great for shooting kids! (not really "shooting" them. You know what I mean!)

From Photography Pics

Nat  – (February 3, 2011 at 5:54 PM)  

Good job! Something between 1 & 2 would be perfectly exposed.

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