Romantic & REAL Love

Romantic love was my date on Friday night but REAL love kicked in as we walked in the door Saturday morning. I felt horrible & come to find out, I have the FLU! I was on the couch immobilized for 3 days. I literally slept 20 hours on Sunday. I haven't felt this sick in forever. Knocked the wind right out of me.

REAL love is going to the grocery store and getting your spouse RED gatorade, orange juice & cough syrup. And REAL love is telling your spouse that she is beautiful even though she hadn't washed her hair in 4 days and you could fry not one but TWO chickens off the grease from her scalp. We got the real deal over here folks!

These are my pretty roses that my husband sent to my office on Monday. Nat was sweet enough to send me pictures of them since I haven't seen them yet. haha Hoping to get back to the office soon. I'm going stir crazy. One can only watch so much tv & take so many naps.

From Nat & Leo Going Away

From Nat & Leo Going Away

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