Fond Remembrances

Friday night we celebrated Valentine's Day since we both won't be home til 10pm on Monday. Todd told me we were going on a surprise "themed" date. He use to do these "themed" dates when we were dating. They were always creative and very sweet. When I was getting ready he told me to pack a bag with workout clothes in it. Why on earth would I need a bunch of workout clothes on my date? No clue what was ahead of me.

We got on the beltline & he finally told me the name of the "themed" date. FOND REMEMBRANCES! As he was heading down 440 we got closer to the Hillsborough exit. No way was he taking me to the chapel at Meredith College where we got married. Sure enough! He said "lets go see if its open". Of course it was open! Don't know how he got the contact to Meredith because that was part of my assignment last year. So we walked in and he stood at the alter & he made me walk down the aisle like I did one year ago. He made me take off my wedding ring & we exchanged rings & vows like we did almost one year ago at that very spot. So sweet. I could have been fine with that date & went home afterwards.


Nope. We carried on and headed to North Hills. We had appetizers at the Fox N Hound where we had our out of town guests join us on that Friday night before the wedding. We talked about how much fun that was to have all the people we love in that one restaurant. We then headed to Mura Japanese Restaurant. It is located right in front of the Renaissance Hotel (where we had our reception at). Todd had taken me to Mura on another "themed" date right before we got engaged. The theme that night was "We're getting married" but unfortunately I did not end up with my ring at the end of that date and was sorely disappointed. But his proposal was well worth the wait & a whole other story for another time.

Todd had called ahead and we had the prettiest/romantic setup with candles & flowers on our table at Mura. The food was to die for and I was "extended" (a.k.a. stuffed to the gills).

I thought to myself it would be really sweet if he had booked a room for us at the Renaissance & it would make sense because my tooth brush & toothpaste weren't in their normal place when I arrived home earlier that day. But Todd reassured me that the Renaissance was WAY too expensive and although it would be nice he hadn't thought of that. (Sidenote: My husband tends to lie to me when he's planning something. He reassures me thats the ONLY time he ever lies to me).

So he lied! We walked back to our car and there were 2 bags in the trunk. He HAD stolen my toothbrush & toothpaste and planned a night for us at the Renaissance Hotel- the place where we had spent our first night as man & wife. Luckily, thanks to our credit card points it only cost us $10! Thank you Chase Bank!

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We checked in & he told the woman at the counter that we had an appointment in Salon D. Salon D was the site of our reception and just like my "We're getting married" themed date, he had asked the staff to clear a spot in the reception area where we could dance. We went in to the reception area & were greeted by a manager who had helped with our wedding last year. He says to Todd "I hope everything is satisfactory Mr. Craig". (I felt like I was in the scene of Pretty Woman). They had cleared out a space for us & Todd whips out his boom box (just like last time) and we danced there at the spot where we danced our first dance as a married couple. It was like a scene from a movie. I could not make this up. And when I ask Todd how he comes up with these "themed" dates, he simply replies "I pray about it & God gives me the ideas".

The story ends here. I won't tell you what we did the rest of the night. But I remembered a shot that our wedding photographer got that I have always loved.

I tried to replicate it so that we can always remember where we spent out first Valentine's day together as man & wife. (I know it looks different but I'm no Robin Lin & neither is the woman who was cleaning the carpets who took it).

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It amazed me as I stood there at that same spot one year later that I could love Todd more today than the day I married him. Didn't think that was possible but it is. Lately I've been asking the Lord to help me love Todd more. My love can't ever compare to God's love and I want to love Todd as magnificently as Christ does. Our date tonight was definitely a catalyst to loving him more. How sweet. How thoughtful. How Holy Spirit inspired. This date made me feel loved & cherished. It was a great reminder of that beautiful day on February 20, 2010 and it was the BEST Valentine's date I've ever been on. Unfortunately the bar has been raised for other Valentine's. It put to shame my gift which was 12 pieces of candy with 12 things written on the back side of each candy that described all the "sweet" things that I love about Todd. He's a words of affirmation guy so I hope that made him feel loved. But more importantly I hope that I show him that I love him everyday.

The workout clothes??? Even though we had a romantic night, there was no reason to break the Saturday routine which includes a workout. Hence the workout clothes. Luckily (or not so lucky) for me, I feel like I'm getting sick so I opted out of the workout this morning.

Happy Valentine's to you! I hope you have someone in your life that loves you & makes you feel special this Valentines.

P.S. For those of you that stayed at the Renaissance, remember the TV in the mirror of the bathroom?? Such a cool hotel
From Photography Pics

Getz Gang  – (February 13, 2011 at 5:44 PM)  

I'm speechless! I hope he still does things like that when you have 3 youngens' runnin' around the house...laundry piled high and mac and cheese for dinner every night :)What a gem!

Jennifer Brooke Shuler  – (February 14, 2011 at 7:14 AM)  

Praise the Lord for the Godly man/husband who continues to PURSUE his bride after marriage!!! We are two BLESSED women!

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