Nat & Leo's Going Away Party

Last night I hosted a Going Away Party for my friend Nat. We have worked together for almost 5 years and have been very good friends. Her husband, Leo, got a job transfer to Clearlake, FL and even though they aren't leaving until mid February, we had a little party last night. I rented out the clubhouse in their neighborhood and we had about 30 people come to wish them well.

We had a red, black & white theme since Nat got her masters at NC State.

From Nat & Leo Going Away

This is the Sanchez family. Nat, Leo & Nicolas. Nic really didn't want to sit still for this shot so it was a little hard to take.

From Nat & Leo Going Away

Nat, Laci & myself have kinda been the 3 musketeers at work. We have always enjoyed hanging out with each other and have done a ton of stuff together over the years. Its gonna be weird to have one of the musketeers not with us in NC.

From Nat & Leo Going Away

Nicolas REALLY enjoyed the black icing on the cake. He liked it so much that he decided he wanted to share with Mrs. Candice.

From Nat & Leo Going Away

I had enlisted the help of Leo's friends to create a slide show. We watched over 6 years of pictures during 15 minutes and it was awesome. When it gets uploaded, I'll include it here. Nat & Leo have done a lot, learned a lot and lived a lot in NC. I will surely miss them as well as the rest of the crew.

This is not a goodbye wave, its a so-long wave!

From Nat & Leo Going Away

p.s. Who let Mike in the front anyways?????

Hope you had fun Nat!
Love ya,

Nat  – (January 31, 2011 at 4:43 AM)  

We had a great time! Thanks for everything, I know you were the one that got everyone together and made it all happen. I will really miss you and your crazy antics. Hugs!

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