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Yesterday I got the SWEETEST email from Kelsey Williamson. Kelsey is a high school student that use to serve with me in Kid City. She is only 16 years old but she is SO wise beyond her years. She is also great with kids. We needed someone reliable to watch my niece & newphew at our wedding last year and I knew Kelsey & her sister Camille would be the perfect fit. Kelsey & Camille did a great job and loved on the kids. This past summer Kelsey's dad got a job transfer to Charlotte and they moved. I keep up with Kelsey on her blog

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Yesterday she sent me one of the sweetest emails I have ever received. She told me that she missed me and my smiling face. She went on to thank me for being a positive role model in her life as a woman of faith. As I read this email, I looked around as if she were talking about someone else! Could this be right? Could I be a role model for this wise young woman of 16 years old? Did I really smile??? Had my serving with her once every 7 days really made an impact? I had no clue. Who knew? Guess God did. Made me almost feel guilty for not pouring more into Kelsey. And also reminded me that what we do matters and that people watch!

Thank you Kelsey for such a sweet email. It literally made my day. You are such a special young lady & a joy to all you know! If only every high school student just had an ounce of your wisdom, maturity and love for Christ this world would be a different place. Thank you for being you. And thank you for the reminder that we need to tell people who had a positive impact on our lives what they mean to us. We miss you here in Raleigh!

Much Love,

P.S. This was a funny from last week that keeps me humble. While in Kid City, Julia sits down next to me with a serious face and says "Mrs. Candice, you are the perfect teacher". Oh yea, I say. Why is that? And she says "Because you're not too nice and you're not too mean".
Thanks Julia!

Kelsey  – (January 28, 2011 at 7:48 PM)  

What an awesome story that you are making a difference in the lives of these young girls at Hope. It is so awesome to see what God is doing trough you:)

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