My new 4 letter word

I FINALLY started my photography class last night at Wake Tech. Gotta admit that I was a bit nervous parking & walking up to class. I haven't taken a college class since 2004 so I was a nervous wreck. Don't know why. Just was. It was fine and I had nothing to worry about other than the fact that I didn't fit in the desk (class is held in a High School). I think I will learn alot about photography and I hope to share what I learn on this blog. The one thing that I took from last night's class was my new 4 letter word. Apparently "AUTO" is a 4 letter word in a photography class. You can never use it or say it. We'll be turning off the "auto" mode and going manual. So bye bye AUTO, you little 4 letter word!

What's a post without a picture? Here's a picture of the sun setting from the window of my office. Its not great but it was pretty (even though the window was filthy dirty).

From Drop Box

Here's another one of the sunset in Destin, FL. I took this from the window of a moving car. Pretty good right??
From Christmas 2010

I hope you'll see some improvement over the next 8 weeks in my photography. Thanks for joining me on my journey!

Nat  – (January 26, 2011 at 6:08 AM)  

Great job! those sunsets are beautiful. And once you go manual you won't go back!

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