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This month’s Clickin Mom assignment is “The way I view MOTHERHOOD”. Since I’m 34 weeks pregnant, motherhood is something that I think about regular lately. Will I be a good mom? How you do this thing called motherhood? And do I have the chops to do it? The only thing I know about motherhood is from this crazy lady.

From Collages

Here's my mom (a.k.a. Mother Therese or Momma T) back in the day when my sister & I were little.
From May 31, 2012

And this is what motherhood looks like when she’s doing it.

Motherhood is loving your children for 2 parents. My biological father was there but absent for most of my childhood and he definitely didn’t show love to me so my mother had to love me not only with a mother’s love but also with a father’s love. Motherhood is working full time and supporting your kids because nobody else is going to help. Motherhood is following your heart and remarrying the man of your dreams even if your children can’t see how wonderful he is. Motherhood is loving & putting up with your child through the teenage years. (And may even involve building a 500 sq ft apartment in the back of the house just to have some distance). Motherhood is sacrificing all so that your child sees her dream of becoming a Texas A&M Aggie come true. Motherhood is making the tough decision of driving across the country and dropping your child off 1,800 miles from anyone she knows because deep down you want something better for her than you ever had. Motherhood is also forgiving your young 23 daughter for being pissed for years about you leaving her 1,800 miles away. Motherhood is flying to whatever state she lived in every time she moved into a new apartment or house and busting your butt to make her house a home. Motherhood is listening to your child cry for years about a spouse that she had NO hope of getting. Motherhood is praying daily for that spouse and her unborn children. Motherhood is still believing and having hope when your child has none. Motherhood is being cautious & upset when your 29 year old daughter tells you that she is going to marry someone 14 years older that she has only known for 3 months. Motherhood is seeing how happy this man makes your daughter and trusting her in God’s hands. Motherhood is paying for the most beautiful wedding your daughter has DREAMED about her entire life. Motherhood is loving your son-in-law and making him feel welcome on the ranch with Taco Bell nights and corn-hole tournaments. Motherhood is becoming their #1 cheerleader and support. Motherhood is bringing Mrs Bairds white bread in a plastic container because you know how much your daughter loves that bread & can’t get it in North Carolina. Motherhood is praying for your child to realize the dream of being a parent and praying DAILY that she would conceive a child. Motherhood is freaking out crying when she finally tells you that you are going to be a grandmother! Motherhood is inviting yourself to the ultrasound so that you get a first hand see at what “your” baby will be. And motherhood is making every single thing in your new grandbaby’s nursery- the curtains, the pillow, the bed skirt, the diaper bag & tons of burp clothes. And even though you don’t take “orders”, Motherhood still fills every single request your daughter makes of you.
From May 31, 2012

Motherhood looks different on everybody. And as I’m about to enter this life changing experience they call “motherhood”, I have to look to my own mother. I have to remember what she has taught me and how she has loved me. There are a ton of questions and worries that I have when I think about becoming a mom in 6 short weeks. But the only thing I’m certain of is this: If I love my baby half as much as my mother loved me and if I’m half the mother she was, this baby is gonna be okay. She’ll know that my love for her is unconditional and that I’ll always be here for her just like my mother was and continues to be for me! I hope you have a momma like this is your life! They’re a true treasure.
From Baby Party

To complete the circle, see how Philippa views Motherhood by clicking here

Love you Mom!

SHMcDonald  – (June 1, 2012 at 5:04 PM)  

Yay for Mommies! Love y'all.

geraldean  – (June 1, 2012 at 7:29 PM)  

Therese is an amazing momma!! Even to her yankee children like us!

geraldean  – (June 1, 2012 at 7:29 PM)  

Therese is an amazing momma!! Even to her yankee children like us!

Momma T  – (June 2, 2012 at 7:34 AM)  

Oh my goodness.....I was doing pretty good until the Ms. Barid's bread comment, then I lost it! Thank you Candice for a wonderful tribute to me as your mother....I also learned from the best---Maw Maw has been my inspiration and I am proud to pass on that motherhood trait to you.....You will be a wonderful mother as well, not because of me but because of YOU! I love you Big Big like the World. Mom

Rebecca Francis  – (June 3, 2012 at 5:59 PM)  

Looks like it's just you and I this month Candace. :) Beautiful tribute to your mother.

Mel :) –   – (June 6, 2012 at 2:34 AM)  

girl you making me cry! Love this, love you and love crazy Momma T! You have NOTHING to worry about, you're going to be an AMAZING mother. Miss Paisley is one lucky lady :)

Kelsey  – (June 11, 2012 at 9:26 PM)  

that was so sweet:) so excited for you!

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