7 months

We are 7 months old today. Gotta tell you that the last 4 weeks have been hard around here. We had our first sickness (cold) which lead to a double ear infection. Almost 4 weeks later, she is still not 100% and still coughing & congested. This momma is ready for her baby to feel better.

Since our last update, we got 2 bottom teeth! They're very cute on her but hard to photograph (since she moves so fast) and she has bit me a couple of times while nursing :-(

From Paisley_7 months

From Paisley_7 months

I sometimes wonder what she wants to say to that bunny.
From Paisley_7 months

Now that she has the two teeth, she literally chews on EVERYTHING! I couldn't get the bunny out of her mouth.
From Paisley_7 months

And apparently I was too slow at getting this shot because she took the freakin sticker off & started chewing on it before I got back into my space to start clicking. STINKER!
From Paisley_7 months
From Paisley_7 months

It's snowing outside so stay tuned for SNOW pictures!!!

Kelsey  – (February 17, 2013 at 5:59 PM)  

Too cute, as always! So so so so so excited to see her (and you all) next weekend! Did I mention how excited I am?!!! Can't wait!!!
P.S. It still looks like she's gonna be a red head... keeping my fingers crossed! :-)

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