Mel's Visit

My friend Melanie was in town from Germany last weekend. Mel is no stranger here to the Craig blog. She moved to Germany back in May and I have missed her SO much. She was in FL for Christmas at her parents and made a special trip to NC to meet Miss Paisley (SO SWEET). We just loved having her here.

Handbags seem to be a common theme among us at Christmas time. She showed up with this bag & got me a matching one. I loved her boots too so we made a trip to Target to get matching booth. Dorks? Yes, I think so.

From Mel's visit

Melanie brought something else with her- an Italian boyfriend. His name is Cristian and he's a super sweet guy.
From Mel's visit

Cristian was also very good with Paisley. He loved getting her up from naps. Loved playing with her and even fed her one day while I was gone.
From Mel's visit

Mel & I had a girls day on Saturday. Went to the Umstead Spa for a massage. Forgive the rant you are about to read but the Umstead is a dump compared to Grove Park Inn in Asheville. I really thought it would be as grand as Grove Park since it's a 5 start hotel. Nope. It's more like Wal Mart than the Grove Park. Also disturbing at the Umstead- optional bathing suits usage in the spa area. Oh yea- I got to see 2 fifty year old womans private parts. I know we're all naked under our bathing suits but there is something about naked women in a hot tub. I just don't want to get in a hot tub where some strangers private parts are out & about. Mel says the spas in Germany are this way- everybody is naked. But this is America folks. Put a freaking bathing suit on!!!!!! Either way I enjoyed my massage & Mel and I had a fun time together.
From Mel's visit

Mel's visit was way too quick. I so much enjoyed hanging out with my friend. Makes me sad to think that I won't see this crazy face for awhile who knows how long.
From Mel's visit

Mel- You & Cristian are always welcome in our home (no matter where that might be). So please come to TX this year and see us.
From Mel's visit

I love you & miss you terribly. Thanks so much for making us a priority and coming to stay.
From Mel's visit

We love you!!!!
Todd, Candice & Paisley

Mel :) –   – (January 12, 2013 at 5:49 AM)  

ah I might have cried a little reading this - I already miss you guys so much! Yesterday I was with Cristian and he just says "I miss Paisley!" - so freakin adorable.

I wish you the best of luck selling your house and getting all settled in in Texas. I'll definitely continue making you a priority in my life, and look forward to letting you host me in your new place!

Love you!!!!

Jennifer Brooke Shuler  – (January 15, 2013 at 4:23 AM)  

I love watching Paisley grow and change! So thankful you post often on your blog so I get to see it myself! I'm praying daily for the HOUSE TO SALE. I love the Craig's!!!

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