Happy Half Birthday

6 months. My baby is 6 months old today. Can you believe that she's half a year old? I can't. Seems like yesterday when we were bringing her home. I just can't imagine life without her. I can't imagine starting my day without seeing that smiling face in her crib. I can't imagine not kissing her fat cheeks 500 times a day. I can't imagine not hearing her squeal or laugh out loud. And I can't imagine saying saying goodnight and missing her while I sleep. Yep- I've got it bad. I'm desperately in love with this munchkin who we celebrate today.

From Paisley_Month 6

It's amazing how far she's come in just 6 short months. To go from a newborn baby
From July 16, 2012

to this bubbly 6 month old is just fascinating.
From Paisley_Month 6

It's true what they say- babies grow up so fast.

She's really picked up quite a few tricks in the last month. She started sitting up unassisted at Christmas. Got her first tooth around New Years. Started baby food 2 weeks ago even though she seems uninterested. (Side note: How can such a chubby baby not like real food? Doesn't make any sense to me. I have tried for 2 weeks thinking that she'll get the hang of food and start to like it and she just doesn't. I'm switching up foods every couple of days to see if there is anything in particular she likes and again doesn't like any solid foods. Guess she's just a liquid kinda gal.) She makes the funniest faces now and sometimes sleeps on her belly. She should be crawling by now but she has NO interest in crawling. Mark my words- this kid will walk before she crawls. She has absolutely NO interest in being on her belly and but loves to walk around the house with us holding her.

I took her 6 month old pictures a week ago & got some really good shots. I just love the picture below. EVERY TIME I take her out of this house, people stop me and tell me how pretty or adorable she is. My response is "I know." Todd says that is rude & that I should say thank you but I'm just confirming what the stranger is saying. I spend all day long with this girl. I KNOW how cute she is!!! Why do you think I take so many pictures of her???!!!
From Paisley_Month 6

Now for our regularly scheduled 'monthly' pics.
From Paisley_Month 6
From Paisley_Month 6

A few comparisons from month to month. (Photographers- please don't judge my white balance here. It's awful & inconsistant- I know. I just got an Expo disc for Christmas and hoping those days of different shades & colors are over :-)
From Paisley_Month 6

I take a ton of pictures of her each month. Only a few go on facebook so if you're bored and what to see what we've been doing the last month. Click on the album below
Paisley_Month 6

Stay tuned. Tomorrow I'll show you the bloopers from today's photo session. Typically you only get to see the "good" pictures. Sometimes the unedited ones are cuter & funnier than the ones you see here.

Til tomorrow,

Kim  – (January 17, 2013 at 12:16 AM)  

Love it, BF... Can't wait to see you guys in Texas this year! <3

Amanda Meares Morris  – (January 17, 2013 at 7:13 AM)  

I really enjoyed reading this. Miss P is adorable (I know!) and she has a great mommy.

Mel :) –   – (February 2, 2013 at 12:40 AM)  

I love the polka dot photo - aaaaah it is so good! I'm so proud of the wonderful mother and great photographer that you've become! Sweet P is going to hate the camera when she grows up, but it will have been worth it for all these memories!

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