Still Life Winners

Last night's class was great. Thank you all for such great and kind comments. Keep 'em coming in weeks to come!

The 3 photos that I decided to share with the class were my 3 favorite fruit photos. It was interesting that I picked this because we had to get up in front of class and tell a little about ourselves. It was kinda cool explaining that I set the estimates for most of the fruits that I took pictures of. Most folks didn't quite understand that so I got to talk a little bit about Ag Statistics. 

So here are the winners....

1. The TeaCup Cherries- my absolute favorite!

From Still Life

This was by far my FAVORITE photo. The professor talked about this photo for 10 minutes! He loved the red color of the cherries and how the sunlight hit them. He loved the contrasting colors of the red cherries and the green background. Everybody else in class loved it too. I was very proud of it!

2. Peaches
From Still Life

The peaches looked AWESOME printed. The colors were great and there wasn't a flaw on them. I'm actually going to be sharing this picture with our composition group at work because they are always looking for pictures of the crops we grow here in NC. So lookout- this may hit print real soon!

3. Blueberries
From Still Life

Again, these looked great printed out. The blue of the berries and the green of the cartons. Makes me hungry!!

Thanks for the comments and suggestions. Hope everyone has a good weekend. I'll be shooting all weekend and will have another assignment posted by next week.


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