Art Photography Using the Rule of Thirds & Butts

I'm so frustrated right now I could scream! I just edited all my photos from the weekend in my new software, Lightroom. But like a true blonde accidently "recyled" the folder and Todd has just spent 30 minutes getting my pictures back. News flash about Candice: I hate NEW software. It intimidates me and I'm lazy and don't want to learn something new. Hopefully I'll learn something fast because I don't have time to do this every weekend.

Ok- so I'm going to continue my rant (b/c its my blog and I can do & say anything I want in MY blog). This week's assignment was Art Photgraphy using the Rule of Thirds. If you don't know what the rule of thirds is- click here.

Ok- so rule of thirds I get and can do. But Art? I'm not an artist. That side of my brain doesn't exist. I count dead hogs for a living. I'm not artistic! Come on people. The artistic side went to my sister, not me.

I met a new friend in photography class. This is Melanie.

From Art Musuem I

Melanie is super artistic (she actually reminds me of my sister Nichole) and super fun so we decided to go to the Art Musuem on Saturday morning and get some "artistic shots". I got a ton of pics of Mel taking pics.
From Art Musuem I

From Art Musuem I

But did I get "artistic" shots? Not really.

So we walk in and there's this statue.

From Art Musuem I

Mel takes a ton of time getting pictures of his face, his hands, his feet. Me, I turn the corner and I'm fasinated by his backside. (Maybe I'm not only artistic but maybe I have ADD as well- who knows?)
From Art Musuem I

Once I stopped looking at butt cracks, I got serious about taking some pictures. There aren't many "artistic" shots but they're the best I could do. Keep in mind, you want to pick 3!

1. Water. I don't think this is artistic, I just like how it captured the water.
From Art Musuem I

2. Field- Again, not very artistic but there's something about this that I love. Maybe its because it reminds me of wheat or hay? who knows.
From Art Musuem I

3. Bug- I got this guy on top of that field. Didn't even use a macro lens which is pretty impressive. Its a perfect rule of thirds photo.
From Art Musuem I

4. Birdfeeder- I'm sure you're asking yourself what on earth is a chick who is terrified of birds doing taking pictures of a bird feeder. Don't worry - there weren't any birds near by so nobody was injured!
From Art Musuem I

4a. Here's a shift on the bird feeder- thanks to Mel.
From Art Musuem I

This isn't part of the pics to choose- but how many butts can be at the Art Musuem??? Who knew butts were so "artistic"? I'm glad my backside ain't that lumpy!!!!
From Art Musuem I

5. Bikers- I thought this picture could go in a Biker Magazine.
From Art Musuem I

6. Arches
From Art Musuem I

From Art Musuem I

7.Flower- Another great rule of thirds
From Art Musuem I

Again, not part of the pics you'll choose from but come on? This is art?
From Art Musuem I

It's actually cut up pieces of tires that are nailed together. But it looked that like those chicken "sticks" from Burger King to me. If you've ever ordered those things from BK then you know exactly what I'm talking about!
From Art Musuem I

8. No clue what this is but I liked it
From Art Musuem I

This was a stretch week for me this week. Wish I had more artistic shots to share and I wish I had time to take more artistics shots this week but I don't. So I apologize in advance that this is all you have to choose from. But hopefully I made you laugh a little!

Don't forget- to pick your top 3 and leave it in the comment section. Anything is up for grabs (even the butt shots).

Hope everyone has a great week!

Mel :) –   – (June 19, 2011 at 7:45 PM)  

ahhh you're so cute!

I like number 4 (I really like the coloring you did on it) and number 6 - especially if you made it look grungy (either b/w or washed out). Number 2 could be really artistic if you did something like inverting the light and dark (to play with the mind/eye a bit).

Also I love number 3 (not really "artistic" but a great shot!).

I didn't find many artistic shots from our shoot either... :(

See you Wednesday!

Kim  – (June 19, 2011 at 8:41 PM)  

Hey Girl... you are hilarious. You need to quit photography and find a stage somewhere & do stand-up(ha,ha). You are doing really great and I enjoy looking at your pics every week. :)

I vote for 1, 3, & 4, although I really liked the picture of Mel looking through her camera with the fence on the right. I thought that was really artistic!

Nat  – (June 20, 2011 at 4:38 AM)  

I'm with you art and I don't mix. Congrats on getting lightroom. As for my favs 3 & 6 are very cool. And the 3rd one of Mel is very cool. I like the way the fence leads you to her. Great job and I'm sorry you are frustrated it will get better!

Victoria  – (June 20, 2011 at 6:22 AM)  

I like 2, 3, 5, and 7. 3 and 7 are my absolute favorites!

You are so funny! I think you're artistic! Give yourself some credit! You dress better than about anyone I know and that takes an artsy eye!

geraldean  – (June 20, 2011 at 12:57 PM)  

I like 2- I really like the layering and the contrast of the different stuff growing in that field.

6- just cool

and the laying down butt shot -- I actually think this is the most artsy of the bunch b/c if you didn't tell us it was a butt, you really wouldn't know what it is. But it is cool and your eye really moves around the shot following the lines of the sculpture and trying to figure it all out.

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