Hunter- 2 months old

My little love bug is 2 months old today!

He is such a good baby! I can't get over how good this kid is. He is sleeping really well. Several naps during the day and only wakes up once during the night. I nurse him & put him right back down. He's also a great eater. He seriously gained a ton of weight this week. Last Monday he was wearing 3 month clothing and by Friday he was in 6 month clothing! I guess I need to lay off the Hostess cupcakes I've been eating cause they're going straight to his belly! haha

My only concern with him lately is his right eye. He's had junky eyes since he's been born but the left one has cleared up. The right one is now worse. We took him to an outdoor birthday party yesterday and his eye has been puffy & red all day long. I wonder if its allergies because the pollen is bad here. I can tell it bothers him but he doesn't fuss. We go to the dr next week so I hope they can give us something to clear it up.

Some other pics of him lately

I'm hoping he won't be in 9 month clothing on his 3 month blog but I guess we'll see. Stay tuned..................haha

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