Dear Hunter

Dear Hunter,

Hi lovebug! It's hard to believe that you will be 9 weeks old on Friday. You are such a good baby! I can't get over how easy you are. I sit in awe of you when I nurse you at night and thank Jesus for giving me such an easy baby. God definitely knew what I needed and it was a good & easy newborn because your sister is a little hard to handle these days.

Speaking of your sister, I'm sorry she hits you so much. I promise to do a better job of watching you around her. She's sneaky though and I've heard you scream several times when she's around. I'm sorry for the red marks she leaves on your head. Mommy promises to let you get her back once your big & able. :-)

You are such a great sleeper. It seems like all you do is sleep. You are sleeping through the night and only waking up once to nurse. You take several naps during the day and prefer to have your naps at home instead of out running errands. But you are still such a good baby when we go out & barely make a peep.

You are also a great eater. You love milk anyway it comes- boob or bottle. Just last week you went from wearing 3 month clothing to 6 month clothing. You are a BIG boy! I can't keep up with your clothes. Hopefully you'll slow down a bit soon. I guess I need to quit eating those Hostess cupcakes I've been craving since I got pregnant with you.

You are a happy baby. You love it when we talk to you. I love to see you smile.

I just wanted to say thank you for being such a good boy. Mommy loves you. I take such delight in you. I love the rare moments we get through the day when its just me and you. I love how you love to cuddle. I love how you look at me and smile. You are a true joy and delight.

I love you BIG BIG like the world,

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