Chris & Desi's Baby Announcement

My cousin Desi & her husband Chris are expecting! They came to the house on Monday to take a few photos so they could announce the exciting news to the world (a.k.a. Facebook). Desi asked if they could bring their dog Cru and include him in the pictures. If you know me, then you know I'm not a "dog" person. I had no clue how to capture a dog for a baby announcement so I did what any person would do- consulted Pinterest. We stole a bunch of good ideas and I think these pictures came out great.

Cru was really well behaved & did just about anything we asked him to do if there was a treat involved. He's such a cute little dog.

This picture cracks me up! I just had to put a caption to it.

After the pictures were over, they came inside and Desi held Hunter for a little while. She looked like a natural. I think she & Chris will make great parents. And I know that her mama (my Aunt Cil) will make the BEST grandmother. This baby is gonna spoiled rotten with love. Can't wait to meet him or her in September!

Congrats guys!


Kim  – (March 19, 2014 at 10:56 PM)  

These pics were awesome, BF! So funny and good. I'm soooo happy for Desi (& Cil! ) :-) Good work! <3

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