Bike riding

Somebody rode her first bike this week! My mom got one of those seats that go on the back of your bike recently. She had one when I was little and I wanted her to get one for P. So we bought a helmet and tried it out.

From Paisley_12 months

Paisley did pretty well which doesn't surprise me since she loves to ride anything around here.
From Paisley_12 months

She wasn't a huge fan of the helmet. It's a bit big.
From Paisley_12 months

But she had herself a fun time.
From Paisley_12 months

The best part about that day? Pops was home & they went on a hour bike ride so I got an hour nap!!!! YAHOO

From Paisley_12 months

Nat  – (June 29, 2013 at 5:40 PM)  

love it! How wonderful that P has her grandparents so close!

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