11 months

Our girl will be a year old next month. Can't believe. Will continue to say that until that day gets here. Paisley has grown leaps and bounds this past month. She started crawling 3 weeks ago and walking the next week. She even has added sausage and chicken to her palate (thank God- I thought I was raising a vegetarian).

Now to our monthly pics.

Do you know how hard it is to capture someone who crawls & walks? No shutter speed can capture this chick

From Paisley_11 months

Thank God for the Bumbo though because it keeps her nailed down.
From Paisley_11 months

This picture was even a stretch.
From Paisley_11 months

She did not want to stay seated in that chair. Thought I was torturing her or something.
From Paisley_11 months
From Paisley_11 months
And she's smart enough to know that the fastest way to get me to put my camera down is to jump off something. Little stinker!
From Paisley_11 months

Nat  – (June 18, 2013 at 7:29 PM)  

yeah for 11 months! She is too cute.

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