The Hunt

Tonight, Todd & I had our little Christmas together. We started off with prayer and praised God for all the many blessings and all the answered prayers this year. Then he opened his gift, a new High Sierra duffel bag. He loved it!

Next, it was my turn. I was very excited because I knew what was going to be in that box- a new Canon T2i camera!! I couldn't wait. Been dreaming about this things for weeks.

To my surprise, there was a picture of my camera with a note that said "COMING SOON". You can tell by the look on my face, I wasn't too happy.

But if I looked harder at the piece of paper, there was a clue written in tiny print. This was the beginning of "The Hunt". Apparently, "the hunt" is a Craig tradition where you are given clues and cannot get your big gift until you figure out all the clues. So the hunt began. Some of the clues were easy. "Fair weather _ _ _", "_ _ _ the flame", "Todd is a big _ _ _ of Taco Bell". You guessed it the next clue was in the fan.

"Meat me here!" - At first I thought it was in our refrig. NOPE!

If not there, then it had to be our new freezer with all our Spurger meat in it! Yep!

"I'm the most popular Christmas song of any around and I live somewhere near you but I can't make a sound". I had a harder time with this one. Todd had to actually give me the name of the song- Jingle Bells. Surely it wouldn't be the decorative bells on our front porch??? Yep!

"If you are wise and if you are nimble, drum up the next clue in some kind of cymbal"- Todd's RockBand drum set!

"The night Todd proposed, what was the 'code name' for that evening?" You would think I could have gotten this one but I was stumped for a bit. Oh yea, OPERATION TEX JOY- Must be in the pantry??

"It's tempting to toss me aside on the floor but instead I should go here when I'm needed no more. From here I'm escorted to a circular thing where I'm tossed and I'm turned until fresh like spring". Background: Todd likes to throw his clothes on the floor. I like them to go in the laundry basket. Must be our laundry basket!

But I couldn't find anything.

Until I opened up the laundry basket and saw a wrapped present!

Could it be my camera????!!! Yes, indeed! Finally found it and can't wait to use it.

Pretty clever my husband of mine! Hope everyone enjoys family traditions this Christmas season!!

Nat  – (December 17, 2010 at 5:10 AM)  

Todd is too sweet and so creative. Enjoy your gift!!

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