Sseko Sandals

Ok so its been a REALLY slow week at work (minus working every other night at the Fair) and I've been surfing the internet a lot this week. Just found the coolest thing I've seen in awhile. Sseko Sandals!

This 24 year old woman, Liz Bohannon, visited Uganda in 2008 & met some women who could not afford to get a higher education at a University. She came home determined to do something about it and created Sseko in 2009. The company employs women to make the sandals in Uganda and then they are sold in the US.

The wages that the women earn are then used to put themselves in school. The sandals are popular on the west coast but hopefully word will spread and they'll come this way.

Just like anything else, you can have a Sseko party. You order a few pairs, have friends over to try them on, learn about the organization and maybe help an Uganda women get a higher education, a better life.

Sounds pretty cool to me. If you're in the Raleigh area and interested in coming to a Sseko party, let me know. May have to have a party soon.

These are the sandals I like....

Check out their video

Sseko Road Trip! from liz bohannon on Vimeo.

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