8 months of marriage

I haven't posted a lot since I started this blog so to catch you up on whats been going on I'm going to show you what 8 months of marriage looks like around the Craig Household...............

80's themed SURPRISE 30th Birthday Parties

Murder Mystery parties

Hanging out with the Craigs in Destin, FL

Princess Themed Sleepovers

1st EVER American Brew-A-Que

A mission trip to Belize

Go cart rides

Weekend trips to the beach

A weekend in the mountains

White water rafting

Hang Gliding

Sailboat riding with the Levins

Pyramids in Egypt- Just joking!!!!

Tailgating at country concerts

Being married is a WHOLE LOT OF FUN! We've had a great time over the past 8 months and look forward to whats ahead!

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