Avery & the State Fair

Today is the last day of the NC State Fair- Thank God! I have been woking at the fair for the last 10 days b/c the Department of Ag owns the fair & we were doing a survey. But on Thursday, I got to go & enjoy the fair. This was Todd's first experience at the NC State Fair & he loved it! We also took Avery to the fair. Avery is a little girl in my small group at church and we have started to babysit her on Thursday nights so her mama can go to a bible study. We LOVE having Avery! Its a chance for her mother to go & fellowship with believers & grow in the Word, a chance for Avery to get some love and attention from Mrs. Candice and Mr. Todd and a chance for us to test out some parenting skills. Its a win/win for everybody. This is Avery at our Field of Dreams exhibit learning about agriculture-

Avery got to play games....

And ride rides.But after one turn @ the Tilt A Whirl Mrs. Candice was done with rides.

So Mr. Todd was happy to step in.

But I hung for the merry go round.

But this was the one thing I wasn't going to get on & I wasn't going to let Avery ride.

But of course there were enough tickets for all 3 of us to ride the ferris while so I did it. Figures! This was my face on the ferris wheel.

Todd & Avery looked a little happier

A view from the top

So every weekend I teach 10 eight years about God's love for them. I teach them that its because of God's love that we learn how to love. Love God, love our parents, our brothers and sisters & our friends. So in my mind the one you would love the most is the one who teaches you how to love (God) or my case, the Sunday School teacher. Nope! Thats not how it works here. This is the love she loves the most.............

Kelsey  – (November 10, 2010 at 9:12 PM)  

oh candice, you know she loves you too... what an awesome thing "mr. todd and mrs. candice" are doing for this little girl. you are making an impact on this little girl's life in such a way that you may not even realize right now:) so sweet.

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