June Clickaday Challenge- Week 1

I am doing a challenge for the month of June- take and edit one picture EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. I've never committed to a 365 project because honestly I'm lazy and I don't pick up let alone edit pictures every single day. But I figure I could do it for a month and I'm having a lot of fun doing it. If you aren't on Facebook (Aunt Netty) then this post is for you.

June 1: Night time ritual- reading before bed

June 2: PapPaw kisses. At nearly 87 years old, it was quite a chore for him to get in and out of our house. It makes me that to see my grandfather aging so quickly. I don't know how much longer he will have one this earth so I cherish these little moments where he gets to love on his grand babies.

June 3: To cut or not to cut? Had a hair appt that day and took a picture before my appt. My hair is falling out like it did when Paisley was 4 months old and I thought I might cut it really short but I chickened out and just cut off about 3 inches.

June 4: My earthquake.

"I believe God loves us too much to leave us flailing in our self-centered universes, so He delivers these tiny reflections of ourselves into our homes with earthquake effectiveness". Surprised by Motherhood by Lisa-Jo Baker

June 5: I know I'm bias because I gave birth to him but is that one of the cutest kids you have ever seen or what? His daddy added the caption.

June 6: Sunset Swimming. I let her stay up late because the light in our back yard is amazing around 8pm. I thought this counted as her bath since its summer. Right??

June 7:Working on a DIY project this weekend. Hope to show you the before & after next week (if it doesn't look like total crap)

June 8: Watermelon. YUM!

Come back next week and you'll see week 2 of the June challenge!

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