Memorial Day Fun

I hope you all had a good Memorial day. We packed up and went to my parents for the long weekend. Its amazing how nice it is to visit but not live there. We really had a ton of fun.

We boiled crawfish on Saturday. They were kinda small but they were tasty.

I had to put the kids in their blue & red Memorial day outfits.

I'm glad I got the pictures when I did because Paisley wasn't clothed for too much longer after that! I don't know why but she loves to run around naked on the farm. I mean doesn't everybody ride their tractors naked?

This next pic pretty much sums Paisley up. She seriously loves the farm & thinks she can just do what she wants. She's also fiercely independent and makes her own path. I'm sure that will wild spirit will come in handy as an adult but for now it either cracks me up or drives me crazy. (don't mind the dirty bottom she has)

She put on clothes & a camo hat later to ride her tractor. Crazy girl

There was also swimming in the pool & a boat ride on the lake but I didn't take pictures of that. I simply enjoyed those moments with the people I love most.

I hope you got to spend the weekend with loved ones.
Take care,

Jennifer Brooke Shuler  – (May 29, 2014 at 5:14 AM)  

HAHAHA is P really your child naked & driving tractors?! OMG I love the farm girl heart in her!

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