The many faces of Hunter James

Hello blog followers! (all 3 of ya) How are ya? Sorry I've been a little absent. We went to Atlanta and back. I helped throw a baby shower for my best friend and we visited Todd's family. A few days home and Paisley got bronchitis and then had an adverse affect to a medicine that literally made her crazy for 3 days. So glad last week is over. Moving on....

This boy is starting to make all kind of crazy faces. I bet you wanna see right???

The 'oh no she has her camera out again' face

The half smile

The full smile

The smirk

The adorable 'aren't i cute' smile

The excited smile

The 'are we seriously still doing this?' smile

And the famous 'happiness' smile in which he got his nickname

We'll be back Saturday with his 4 month old pics. Can you believe this guy is already 4 months old? My favorite baby age with lots of pics to follow.

Stay tuned...

Mel :) –   – (May 21, 2014 at 11:29 PM)  

well I'd been expecting a post from Bobbie's baby shower, but you won't hear me complaining about a post of this little character! love that face(s), can't wait to kiss it in August!!!
glad Paisley is feeling better!

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