June Clickaday Challenge- Weeks 2 & 3

Ok- So I'm a little behind on showing you the pictures from the challenge where I take and edit a picture EVERY.SINGLE.DAY for the month of June. I've been good about posting them to Facebook & Instragram every day but I keep forgetting to share it here too. So I'll catch you up on the last two weeks.

June 9: SICK. We thought poor Hunter was sick only to find out that he has allergies. Kinda sucks and I'm really praying this isn't a long term problem for my little man.

June 10: Faucet. We probably have 100 toys for Paisley to play with in our backyard and this is what she wants to do. Crazy girl!

June 11: Jumparoo. Hunter absolutely LOVES his jumparoo. That boys likes to bounce. And allergies have cleared up and he's back to his happy self again.

June 12: Sunset kisses. Paisley LOVES her Pops. (Isn't that sunset amazing? Thats my backyard at 7:45pm.)

June 13: All clean. I mean can this kid get any cuter?

June 14: Morning feed. Paisley loves to go feed the cows with Pops each morning. I went out this morning and wondered if the fog would be a problem for me. But as you can see, it added a bit of magic to this picture.

June 15: Happy Father's Day! It only took me a 100 tries and then finally had to pay retouchup.com to swap heads to get this shot of the 3 of them!

June 16: My girl will be 2 years old a month from today. Hard to believe!

June 17: We were at my mom's house all week long to help with VBS. This is what I did for 5 hours one night. Edited over 100 pics for each kid and added text to the top. Talk about a lot of work!

June 18: Olivia. We went to Houston on Saturday for my niece Olivia's first birthday party. Momma T made her a teepee so I had to take some shots.

June 19: Sick. After a week at VBS, P is sick with the FLU! (Who gets the flu in June besides my children???!!!)

June 20: You already saw the transformation of this 40 year old dresser on the blog.

June 21: P and cows. I cheated and used a picture from last week of Paisley feeding the cows in her PJ's.

June 22: Swaddle. At 5 months old, Hunter still loves to be swaddled and sleep in his rock n play. He turned over yesterday (from his back to his front) so his swaddling days are over.

Thats it. Stay tuned to see what I can come up with for the last week of June.

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