Dresser make over

Meet Auntie Fran's dresser.

I inherited this dresser when I married Todd. I told him we needed to get rid of it because it was over 40 years old and UGLY! But like any good hoarder, he opposed because he loved his Auntie Fran and wanted to keep it for sentimental reasons. And I'm so glad he did. I've been wanting to paint this thing for years but never had the courage to actually do it. Well I finally got tired of looking at it and did it! It took me about a week because I worked on it at nap time and at night after everybody was asleep.

I primed it and gave it two coats of paint. I painted it the same color as my built in desk and laundry room since its on this side of the house (the only side of the house with color).

I went back and forth on the handles. I bought these really cool knobs from Hobby Lobby but they didn't work. Then I bought pulls at Lowe's but they were too short. So finally I just used some trim paint that was in our garage and painted the original pulls. I put holes in a diaper box so they could sit up straight while I painted and white they dried. I think they came out pretty good and cost me nothing (thanks Mom for that idea)!

And just to add a little more personal touch, I lined the drawers with this chevron contact paper which I love. I have extra and looking around my house to see what I 'line' next!

I also bought a mirror and new lamp shade. A total of $125 and this guest room has new life!

A little before and after of the dresser.

I'm not the only one doing DIY projects around here. Todd actually finished up our mailbox last weekend. Did you know that when you build a house, it doesn't come with a mailbox? Crazy right. Note to self: When you build a house everything comes a la carte! Everybody in our neighborhood has brick mailboxes and when we got the quote of $1,000 we said heck no. So he did ALOT of research, found a design and built it himself. He even put the brick around the bottom too. I think it turned out great and he's so proud of himself and I'm proud of him too!

So come to TX and stay in our new guest room and put some mail in our new mailbox.
We'd love to have ya.

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