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I rarely have pictures of Paisley & I together because I'm usually behind the camera. That's sad to me because I'm the one that hangs out with her all day long. I will sometimes hand off the camera to Todd and unfortunately we don't always get the best of shots.

From Paisley_9 months

Remind me to teach Todd about focus, the rule of thirds & negative space!
From Paisley_9 months

Fortunately God has blessed me with some pretty amazing photographer friends who are willing to take pictures of me & my sweet P. Please go to my friend Ashley's website by clicking here to check out the great memories that she captured for us.

I can't thank you enough Ashley. I treasure these images & our friendship!

Ashley Sisk  – (April 20, 2013 at 5:02 AM)  

I completely understand! On our honeymoon, I would ask Jeremy to take a picture and he would get so caught up in the scenery, that my head would be a small flick in the frame.

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