9 months

It's been such a better month!!!! Our Paisley is healthy & well and loving life. She is back to her happy, healthy self. She has even started to eat food now. After 3 months of trying, we realized she doesn't like baby food and she doesn't like to be fed. She likes to feed herself. After a trip to Chili's one day, we learned that she really likes french fries (wonder where she gets that from?!). Anything that is shaped like a french fry also works. She's been eating lots of Sweet potato fries, veggie sticks and pancakes. But her absolute favorite thing to eat is MAPLE STICKS.

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Todd came home with these one day and she's already gone through a can of them. I've learned to hide the can and not give her these until after she's finished with her other food because if she gets these first then she won't eat anything else. Little stinker! Guess she's really using those 4 teeth she has now.
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And now to our monthly pictures. These are the last pictures in our house in NC. I'm still going to take the monthly pics once we move but the background won't be the same unfortunately.
From Paisley_9 months
From Paisley_9 months

The faces she makes are hysterical!
From Paisley_9 months
From Paisley_9 months

Bye Bye North Carolina!!! We're going to miss you.

Only 8 more days til the packers come.

Nat  – (April 15, 2013 at 7:27 PM)  

I finally caught up with all your post! She is getting so big and adorable. Her hair is so red, reminds me of your sis' hair. I was hoping to get to NC before you moved but it is not going to work out. So maybe Texas this year? Lots of hugs to you, Todd, and Paisley. Have a safe move.

Kelsey  – (April 16, 2013 at 9:07 PM)  

I love how her personality is starting to come out a lot more. Love that she loves french fries, hehe.

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