8 months old

If I thought 7 months old was hard, the last 4 weeks have been harder. We have been plagued with continuous sickness. Mine started the weekend of our anniversary (Feb20) and just ended this week. That led to Paisley catching a cold which turned into a double ear infection and now WALKING PNEUMONIA. And Todd went back to the doctor for the 2nd time this week because his throat hurts so much he can't talk. We're ALL a HOT mess.

On Tuesday, I took Paisley back to the doctor because her cold haven't gotten any better and her cough was terrible. Sure enough- she had pneumonia. Her oxygen levels were low but not low enough to send us to the hospital. Instead they sent us home with a Nebulizer and she takes breathing treatments every 4 hours.

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She hates the treatments and rather eat the plastic chicken head than put in on her nose. We break the rules and let her watch TV while she does it because it's the only way to distract her and make her sit still.
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3 weeks on continuous sickness will wear a girl down. We just have to start feeling better soon. I'm tired of sounding like a broken record. My sister-in-law told me back in December to beware of Satan's attacks once I quit my job to stay at home. Anytime you do something God calls you to do, you should expect the enemy to attack. Well, I quit my job on Dec 21 and I got the flu on Christmas. I've pretty much been sick since. What's worse than being sick? Watching a perfectly innocent baby cry because she's in so much pain. We had 5 sleepless nights were she just cried. Todd & I would take shifts holding her throughout the night. It was sad and exhausting. However, my hope is in the Lord and it's by His stripes that we are healed. So I'm claiming healing & victory for my family. Will you agree with me? AMEN.

Here are our monthly pics. Does she look skinner? Well she is! She lost 7 oz in the last 3 weeks since I've been sick. My milk has been low & she has been a very unhappy camper. The doctor says that her weight loss is fine but I want my chunky baby back!
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From Paisley_8 months

From Paisley_8 months

I take a TON of pictures each month. If you'd like to see more Paisley pictures and videos, just click here.
Paisley_8 months

Kelsey  – (March 18, 2013 at 1:03 PM)  

Gotta be rounding the bend soon! Praying praying praying. She's still as cute as ever.

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