Weeks 13-16

Paisley is 4 months old & I'm LOVING this age. If she could stay this little forever, I wouldn't mind. She's doing so many new things that I've been writing them down lately so I won't forget. Here's the list of our "news"...

  • Laughing! Just started this last week
  • Gurgling
  • No more swaddling. Put her down for a nap the day she turned 16 wks without the swaddle & we haven't looked back. She use to LOVE being swaddled but now she really loves having her hands free while she sleeps. Makes getting to her fingers much easier
  • Obsessed with putting fingers in her mouth. I mean OBSESSED. There aren't many pictures of her these days without the fingers in the mouth.
  • From Collages
  • Not really taking the paci anymore. Only when she's really tired.
  • Not liking a bottle either- that's super convenient since I'll be going back to work in 2 weeks!!!
  • Also not a fan of being put in vegetables. Note to self: Make the leg holes of the pumpkin bigger next time! (I blame Todd for this) The left is a picture from Pinterest- that's how it was suppose to look. The right is our picture!
  • From Collages
  • Tummy time is less dramatic but she still doesn't like it
  • From Paisley_Month 4
    From Paisley_Month 4
  • Grabbing at things (especially with her left hand). Not really grabbing with the right. I wonder if this means she'll be left handed?
  • Starting to put things in her mouth & chew on them- like her favorite rattle
  • From Paisley_Month 4
  • Her talking is getting VERY LOUD. Wonder where she gets that from? Can you say Momma T!
  • Fascinated with lights & ceiling fans
  • Will give you kisses with her mouth wide open (I love this!)
  • From Paisley_Month 4
  • She WOBBLES! Loves to stand up but doesn't have solid control of her body yet. We call it "the wobble" since we heard/saw this new line dance at a wedding a few weeks ago. Pretty sure they got that idea from a 4 month old baby
From Paisley_Month 4

We go for her 4 month old doctor appointment on Friday. She'll have another round of shots. She wasn't a big fan of that last time. I know this sounds mean- but I really want to bring my camera along to capture the moment. Todd is going with us so I just might do it. hehe

Happy Veterans Day!

Kelsey  – (November 12, 2012 at 7:10 PM)  

She is growing too fast!! Thankful for all the pictures and love the update. Thanks for sharing!

Momma T  – (November 16, 2012 at 11:25 AM)  

Yes I saw the Momma T comment, Paisley is just finding her voice, let her find it! She is so precious!

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