4 months

Paisley is 4 months old today! We celebrated by going to the doctor & getting shots! That was fun. (not)

The perfect baby weighs 14 lbs & 10 oz. When I saw the scale, I almost had a heart attack. Doesn't that look like she weighs 1410 lbs???!!! Holy cow.

From Paisley_Month 4

Everything checked out good & she is starting to slow down on her growth rate. 78% instead of 83%.
From Paisley_Month 4

She wasn't a big fan of her oral vaccine.
From Paisley_Month 4

And she sure wasn't happy when they poked her in her legs twice. Poor baby!
From Paisley_Month 4

Like the good momma that I am- I planned ahead & took our 4 month old pictures yesterday!!!
From Paisley_Month 4
From Paisley_Month 4
From Paisley_Month 4

And a little comparison of her growth over the last 4 months.
From Collages

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Kelsey  – (November 16, 2012 at 4:58 PM)  

Love seeing the growth from month to month. She is growing too fast and I NEED to see her before she is as tall as me. Craving me some Paisley time!!!
Miss you all.

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