Corn Maze

This past Sunday I went to a corn maze with my Sunday school girls. Elizabeth Epp has now taken over my Sunday duties but she still includes me on all the girls activities. It was SO good to see the girls. I miss them SO much. The weather was gorgeous and they had a ton of fun.

Here is Elizabeth with my girls.

From Fall Corn Maze

The girls got lost in a corn maze.
From Fall Corn Maze

Jumped off of hay bales.
From Fall Corn Maze

Jumped on a hayride
From Fall Corn Maze

And just had fun together.
From Fall Corn Maze

Todd wins husband of the year for this one. After parking cars at church, he went with us to the Corn Maze. The only dude with a bunch of 10 year olds and a baby strapped to his chest. The girls LOVE Todd and requested that he be there. This picture just melts my heart.
From Fall Corn Maze

This one makes my heart laugh.
From Fall Corn Maze

One of my favorites from the day. This is Rachel. She is the sweetest child you will ever meet!
From Fall Corn Maze

It was a good time had by all.
Happy Fall yall!

Mel :) –   – (October 29, 2012 at 12:23 AM)  

this is so great! I remember how sad to were to be leaving your girls and how worried you were about finding a suitable replacement, but it looks like it really worked out for the best! You still get to see the girls and now they have another friend and role model they can look up to in Elizabeth.

And of course everyone loves Todd!!!

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