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I forget sometimes that I have folks that follow the blog but aren't on Facebook. Seems like pictures make it to Facebook a WHOLE LOT quicker than they do to this blog but I don't want my steady followers to miss out on these pics!

While we were in Texas, we had a "Generations" photo shoot. I stalked the very talented Danielle Brasher for months before we went to TX. I knew that I wanted her to do something while we were there. So I came up with the "Generations" photo shoot. Well, Pinterest came up with it. My 83 year old MawMaw, My mother, Me & Paisley. 4 Generations of women! The pictures came out INCREDIBLE!

From 4 Generations

Here is the lady who started it all. MawMaw Schexnider. 11 kids, 31 grandchildren & Paisley made the 19th great grandchild.
From 4 Generations

I asked that MawMaw wear her ring. This ring has the birth stones of all of her 11 children! Can YOU imagine having ELEVEN children? I sure can't but boy I'm glad she did.
From 4 Generations

Mother Therese is child #7. Ain't she pretty?
From 4 Generations

Oh I love this sweet baby!
From 4 Generations

Nothing like a kiss from the sweetest Cajun lady you'd ever meet.
From 4 Generations

And finally 2 of my Perfect angel baby.
From 4 Generations

I can just hear her saying "Mom, why do you do this to me ALL the time?"
From 4 Generations

Mel :) –   – (October 11, 2012 at 4:23 AM)  

I loved these on fb and was wondering why you hadn't done a blog about them yet! I adore the color scheme you picked out - the blues and yellows really pop against the white. Did she have a studio set up or just photoshop out the background?

This reminded me how much we have in common - my mom was the 7th of 12 and I'm her first (and only, we're different there). Maybe that explains why we're both so dang crazy.

Love you lots lots lots, can't wait to see you and meet Miss Paisley in January!

Candice Craig  – (October 11, 2012 at 5:16 AM)  

Mel- The blog has been on the back burner lately. Yes, she had a studio (just built it). And it was all white. She had also just gotten that couch- had it custom made. And she literally drew the picture frame background with a crayon. It was super cool!

Kelsey  – (October 11, 2012 at 12:05 PM)  

Another blog so soon! Perfect way to destress after a long school day. I do love these pictures; photography is so fun (especially when you have gorgeous women to photograph). Give snuggles to Paisley for me!

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